Nike Air Foamposite ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Customs by 101 Custom Kicks

Nike Air Foamposite ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Customs by 101 Custom Kicks


nike-air-foamposite-dragon-ball-z-customs-by-101-custom-kicksIt’s probable that a large portion of today’s sneakerheads were fans of, or at least familiar with, Japanese anime, Dragon Ball Z. Flawless bespoke sneaker artist, 101 Custom Kicks has just created one of the most epic customs that are giving us some major nostalgia vibes.

The Nike Air Foamposite ‘Dragon Ball Z’ customs by 101 Custom Kicks feature detailed graphics of Vegeta and Goku in their Super Saiyan states, along inner galactic images with Dragon Balls. The outside of the shoe uppers showcase the characters; Goku on the left, Vegeta dominating the right. If you peek inside the the shoes, floating Dragon Balls spread across a star speckled, black and blue galaxy pattern. Blue lining ties these shoes all together to completion.

Even if you weren’t into the show, you can’t lie- the artwork is crazy with this one! Keep scrolling to see just how precise the paint job is 101 Custom Kicks! And let us know what you think in the comments!
nike-air-foamposite-dragon-ball-z-customs-by-101-custom-kicks nike-air-foamposite-dragon-ball-z-customs-by-101-custom-kicks

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