Nike Air Flightposite ‘Carbon Fiber’ 2014 Retro

Nike Air Flightposite ‘Carbon Fiber’ 2014 Retro



Seeing as though the Nike Air Flightposite Exposed is, 2014 will mark the debut of this Nike Air Flightposite retro.

Originally released in 1999 and again in 2008, it has definitely been a while since we’ve seen the onion-looking Kevin Garnet signature model. what’s expected to arrive in a “Carbon Fiber” mock-up next year, this iteration will take on a black and white color combination and feature a classic zipper shroud with minimal branding.

If you’re not already a serious baller, you know exactly what to do with these bad boys upon arrival – rock ’em! Check out detailed images below and be sure to stay tuned to Sneaker Files for more word on a release date.

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    I need these!!

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    Jeff Lmsr Fellat bro ! I been waiting on these

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    still have these. sux that now every1 else will too. lol…

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    Stefano Savelli

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    Sick comeback

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    Now that’s better!! These need the zipper sleeve. The ones without it look dumb

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    These gone be bout 250 smh let me start saving now !!

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    Thats right nike !!!! Re release the gloves dump kanye now coming out with these ya on a roll …

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    Ahmad Losadoe Trafton

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    Why can’t they release the exposed version in a CW that DOESN’T suck?

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    Tommy Boo carbon fiber lol