Nike Air Flight ’13 (Oreo)

Nike Air Flight ’13 (Oreo)


Nike Air Flight ’13 (Oreo)
The Oreo colorway is a popular one; a color scheme seen on a number of sneakers (including several Retro Jordans). The next sneaker to get the Oreo treatment is the Nike Air Flight ’13. Although we are into a new year, Nike isn’t in a hurry to let go of the Air Flight ’13s just yet. The front half of the sneaker is covered in Black with white speckles and cracks, while the other half is covered with the opposite (White with black speckles). The insoles show the actual amount of days there are in a year with a bold 365 sign-off.

No word on when these will release, so check back with Sneakerfiles for more information. Don’t forget to comment below and let us know – cop or not?

Nike Air Flight ’13 (Oreo)
Nike Air Flight ’13 (Oreo)
Photos via SF.

  • Braisemen Wan

    Ugly as hell

  • Cristian DJc Rize Cedillo

    There beautiful

  • Kayla Smith

    Ellie Mustafa Riskarella Prime I like these, I like these a lot

  • Willie Moree

    That shit is ugly son

  • Josh Capone

    My nigga was high as hell eating oreos while designing these?!

  • Anthony Mitchell

    those are kinda hot

  • Marcus Jackson

    Ugly as fuk

  • Chipper Cloyne Jr.

    A must

  • Jordan Peek

    Ian Hugo Jack Lane Ross Garner Tomas Smith all over these! Oooh

  • Demetrius Hines

    Not a fan

  • Alfredo Molina


  • January Floyd


  • Joe Gundic


  • Steven Hill

    i want these bad!!!!

  • Gary Gleeson

    Kenneth Gleeson

  • Abby Gareis

    All yours Lanie Mings

  • Lanie Mings

    Yeah I love them

  • David Thomas

    I wanna pair of AF1’s if they make em

  • Cornelius Clayton

    When do dem come out

  • Melanie Vazquez

    Blah blah blah ima get me first

  • Melanie Vazquez


  • Mohamed Bendaoud

    Anis Bouanani

  • Anis Bouanani

    El est fraishe.

  • Devon Adi Manson


  • Rachel Ann Yalung

    I allready have that… thank u to may tito i loveit so much…. jc