Nike Air Bakin Retro

Nike Air Bakin Retro


Nike Air Bakin Retro

Tim Hardaway signature sneaker the Nike Air Bakin will Retro this Summer. The first color way to release is the Fire Red and Black with accents of Yellow. Some changes to the Air Bakin have been made, for example at the heel it will no longer have the cryptic Air, but instead the standard Nike Air logo. August 1st is the release date, and retail is $124.99. Via Complex.

  • chitown's turn

    finally now we r still waitin on the penny's II's

  • jizzle

    only one thing i need the grey black and blue color way back

  • sole(real)


  • Jean-Claude Van Damm


  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    We need the Air Zoom Flight 96 as well as the Penny 2

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    What the hell, how bout the Griffey 2s too

  • rico

    i 2nd that griffey 2 petition! i just need these bakins and the black/blue colorway and im good.

  • JAsmine

    Jean-Claude I just van damme your mom all night long!

  • Whokidd

    Retro 2 for Holiday '07 – Dorenbacher Charity

    *Black/Lucky Green/Pro Gold

    Retro 9 Spring '08.

    *White/Black/True Red

    Retro 10 Spring '08.

    *Black/Dark Shadow/True Red

    Retro 13 Spring '08.

    *White/True Red/Black

    Retro 14 Spring '08.

    *Black/White/True Red

    Air Jordan XI lows – (Concords) Fall 08?

    Retro 16 also a possible release in 2008







  • this is a dodge

    im happy nike aint let the nba try to ban tim hardaway and not release his shoes, just cuz of the truthful comments he made

  • CO

    Your comments are dodge, dodge. Grow up.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    JAsmine, I'm bomb atomically, Socrates philosophes, and hypothesese can't define how I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically perform armed robbery, flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    Inspectah Deck

  • Jasmine

    Jean-Claude Van Damme leave that rhyming thing to Vanilla Ice cuz your mom rode my space mountain all night long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gath Les OoLong

    the bakins werent all that when they FIRST came out…now what about the "Air Up" and "Air Way Up" those 2 were my most fav nikes EVER

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    By the way, those were the words of Inspectah Deck, and second of all that was the beginning of the greatest verse in the history of music.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    Hey, when you star in Bloodsport, you don't need to make anymore movies, alright.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    Jasmine, wrestle me, right here right now. I CHALLENGE YOU TO PHYSICAL COMBAT! WHO WANT IT!

  • Jasmine

    Jean-Claude Van Damme why would i wrestle with you if im wrestle your mom all night long baby. Hey stop wearing those same damn black jeans in every movie bitch!

  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas

    Hey, they're different black jeans okay.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    He's right



  • Jean-Claude Van Damm


  • rhode island

    Jean-Claude Van Damme had a bootydoo just like his fat mama! hahahaha

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    OMG, I'm from Rhode Island too! Yes! But my sole is from Africa, but whatev.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    (sole and soul, sneaker terminology, get it?)

  • Jean-Claude Van Damm

    I actually didn't mean to say sole, so I tried to cover it up with the last comment.

  • Jrob

    does anyone know what shoe store they will be at (footlocker, champs,finish line and will they be in north carolina because nc really sucks on getting shoes and i need these

  • Young

    yo i got the black and gray ones that came out last week..yo kicks is fire..everybody but a

  • Kevin

    i just love those.

    i just need to know wheater or not you ship to the caribbean (St.Lucia 2 b exact)

  • champ

    where can i find the blue and black

  • bRi-b3AUTii

    Hey my name is Brianna and I just stopped by to say that these sneakers are hot. They are very nice I specificly like the colorful ones the one with the lime green and the hot pink with the blue with it. Anyway I just wanted to say that and I know you made a lot of money with just those type of sneakers. I have one question, where did you come up with that name air bakins?

  • J From MD, But Born

    yea ppl down in DMV/ So MD rockin da red/yellow Bakin's bout to cop a pair