Nike 6.0 Rogan Tetris

Nike 6.0 Rogan Tetris


New Nike 6.0 Rogan Tetris

Nike 6.0 has released a new Rogan inspired by the all time classic Arcade Game Tetris. Featuring multiple colors like Green, Yellow, Black and Pink, you should get a few looks.

To finish off this Nike 6.0 Rogan the different styles of Blocks used in Tetris form a artistic shape at the heel. Releasing soon, check out your Nike 6.0 spot. Via Nike Air Blog.

New Nike 6.0 Rogan Tetris


  1. :O que Bonitas zapatillas me gustaron mucho si en mi pais chile las vendieron me las compraria pero no venden nade de nike 6.0 🙁 y Cuando llEgan algunos pares salen arriba de 120 dolares :O

  2. Hey…

    I took my son shopping the other day

    were both Sneaker freaks..

    I saw these and had to get them,

    even if They didnt fit.

    I will sacrafice a lil pain to look fresh..

    HOWEVER..there TOO tight ! I was in pain all

    day, I even Bruised my feet.

    Anyways, Of course I wore them with socks.

    and they will just sit in my closet, I have the box

    If anyone is interested hit me up on my email

    Size US Youth 3

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