New Balance 996 – Beige – Red – Blue

New Balance 996 – Beige – Red – Blue


New Balance 996 Beige Red Blue

We’ve already shared a look at the Grey/Red/Green New Balance 996 scheduled to release February 2014, and now it looks like they will be joined by yet another clean pair of kicks. While we don’t know when these will arrive next year, this Beige/Red/Blue iteration is undeniably smooth. Equipped with an off-white suede about the upper, NB decided to toss a bit of red on the back end. Completing the color scheme is a blue reflective section that will shine bright under the right light of course. Check out a few more looks after the jump and be sure to head over to Titolo right now to pre-order these joints.

New Balance 996 Beige Red Blue

New Balance 996 Beige Red Blue

Photos via Titolo

  • BigjayGod Alfonso


  • Anthony Delsa

    New balances are so slept on and I’m so glad cause these are dope lines…no crazy prices … no hype…just dope shoes

  • Brian Eng

    Saw these with a green heel counter. NB’s aren’t slept on. Beasts are allover the a lot of the collabs that have been dropping.

  • Anthony Delsa

    Lately they have been, but only collabs really honestly half the cats buying the collabs are only copping because they are a limited run and associated with another name…. I’m saying slept on compared to the typical hyped shoes like J’s, foams, LeBrons, etc. …New Balances, Asics, and a few others are always easier to acquire and are dope shoes that’s all I was saying

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    Julian Gomez

  • Sneaka Kranker

    Geile Treter! #

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  • Ronald Williams

    Nice looking

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  • Jorge Coria

    About to camp out xD

  • Carlos Linares

    Why do people like new balance???

  • Ethan NerdSwaqq Fred

    Neva in any bodies life will they see me wearing new balance

  • Rhodeelita Florendo Recolcolin

    how much..?

  • Reuben Alvin Gonzalez

    I jus copped new balences

  • Aamillion Rivera

    4 real Ethan

  • Dee Boy Brown

    I dont fuck wit that red in the back but the front kool fareal fareal

  • Dee Boy Brown

    If they made that red dark gray shit would’ve been dope

  • Ken Yeldell

    Smooth and cool

  • Fred Estrada

    Funny how people that just wear hype rag on kicks they don’t know about. Lmao
    No worries when the hype come they will be on that train.

  • Johnrichard Torres

    I didn’t know people wore new balance

  • Anthony Delsa

    New balances are dope and so slept on but that just shows how many hypebeasts there is out there ….but thats great cause no long lines, no hyped prices, no selling out in 5 mins just dope shoes ..I give more props to the connoisseur with the dope asics or new balances before the cat with the j’s that everyone and their girlfriend has lol

  • Bobby Washington

    ….miss my all cool-grey 996s.

  • Johnny Fleurimond

    Elijah DreadHead Shotta I’m feeling these bruh, switching ship pause though.. I’m done with the jay game

  • Jesse Cruz

    Jonatan Gonzalez

  • Elijah DreadHead Shotta

    Johnny Fleurimond tru dey fresh

  • Randolf Flores

    Yo my boy Andy Espejo

  • Andy Espejo

    Randolf Flores dope

  • Lindsey Marchena

    Joey Van der Weijden