Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold @ Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold @ Champ Sports


Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

It was just like any other big release for Matthew Prang. He set off to his local mall at 4:00 AM and waited till Champ Sports opened it’s doors, purchased a pair of Air Jordan 4 Cavs to soon find out his pair contained mold!

Yes, you read that right. Champ Sports had sold Matthew a pair of moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs aka “The Shot”. Here is the story told through the eyes of unfortunate sneakerhead Matthew:

“Anticipating a new colorway of one of my more favorite Jordans, the Air Jordan IV, I was geared up and ready to get my camp on at about 4 am. I ventured out to Christiana Mall of New Castle, DE to get in line and patiently wait for a new crispy pair Michael’s. Being an OG sneakerhead, a hardworking adult and homeowner, and buying my own Jordans since 1997, I feel like I have been in the game long enough that I no longer call them Jordans, I call them Michael’s. Yup. Me and the best to ever do it are on first name basis as we have been together so long.

I was taught growing up about spending (money) to not buy things you want but rather buy things you need, thus resulting in my motto that I use when it comes to buying new Michaels, and that’s “I don’t even want them, but I need them.” I knew I needed these shoes, so I was going to have them.

Camped outside for a couple of hours, listening to classic sneakerhead talk, OG this, retro that, icey here, heat there, new releases, the whole 9. Finally, the manager of Champs sports, Jason, greets us at the door to the mall with a hand full of index cards. I received my preferred size of 10.5, so no double sock or those little thin baby socks were needed. Glorious. I gave the cashier my index card, paid for my kicks, and kept it moving.

It’s out of sheer habit and comfort, that with being in the game for well over a decade, especially in my adult years, I don’t look at the shoes and inspect them before I leave the store. I have owned at least one of each Jordan produced that I will wear, (Side-note, if MJ didn’t wear it on the court, neither will I) so I don’t need to try them on, I know how they fit and know what sizes I prefer. I grabbed my kicks and upon exit of Champs sports, I kicked it with a few of the local sneakerheads before I was on my way home.

During the drive home, I hit a long red light and decided to check these Cav IV’s out in person. Open the bag, open the box, and BOOM! What the hell is on my shoe. I removed the black paper wrap in its entirety, and find mold covering my entire shoe. Both sides. Both Shoes. Unexplainable. The box is in great condition, no signs of water damage or tampering of any sort. I quickly ask my personal assistant Siri to find the number to champs and I get the manager on the horn. He asks me to turn around and bring them back so he can inspect them.

When I get back to the store, each employee is in disbelief. They handled it about as well as one could have expected. He offered a refund, obviously, as a replacement was unavailable, because the release sold out in minutes. He then offered to try and clean up the shoes, which I appreciated, but declined. As my motto says, I don’t even want these, I need these, so I figured Nike would have to step up and resolve this issue. I did not want a refund, I wanted a crispy size 10.5 Jordan IV in the new Cavs colorway. Done. Everyone knows that the JB market is booming, and re sellers are making a solid living, so for me to replace these on my own it would certainly cost me another Hundy on top of retail, which I just am not in position to do.

I called nike customer support, they gave me a phone number and said I would have to call back Monday and submit a claim. I decided to take advantage of social networking and I sent a few tweets to Nikestore and a few other places. Nikestore responds almost immediately with “Feel free to return them to the store for a full refund“. This is where I’m not even going to repeat my motto, you already know. I told them this wouldn’t work for me, I need a replacement. Nike replies and tells me they do not have any replacement to offer, as these are all sold out. After a few RT’s and word got around, Nikestore sends me a direct message and tells me they will look into a resolution for me, be patient. I guess they are not aware that sneakerheads generally are not patient when it comes to their kicks. I have messaged them a few times asking if there has been any movement on a resolution and they simply respond with something along the lines of they are still looking into it, be patient.

I decided to tweet a photo of my one of a kind moldy colorway to a few of my favorite online sneaker spots. Sneakerfiles, who has been my sneaker news spot of choice for some time now, has responded and has shown interest in my story. Nike and JB, you have dropped the ball on this one, once again, the ball is in your court. Make a struggling Nike and JB fanatic happy again. Thank you.”

We know what most of you will say, “He should of inspected them before leaving the store”. But the real problem here is, why did Champ Sports sell these shoes? From personal experience, I know stores inspect the shoes before selling them to customers. How does this pair get passed the employees?

Retailers around the states sold out of the Air Jordan 4 Cavs on Saturday, almost instantly, so getting a replacement pair seems a bit difficult. With reseller prices, Matthew will have to shell out a lot more money in order to get this pair.

We hope Nike keeps up the correspondence, and digs deep in the creates to get Matthew a pair of Jordan Cav 4. What is your take on the story? Has a similar situation happened to you?

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Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports

Moldy Air Jordan 4 Cavs Sold Champ Sports


  1. I happen to work at a Champs store and we are not allowed to mess with the shoes. Once they arrive, we open the box, check em in, look at one and tape the box back up. They do this to stop associates from damaging or losing anything. It’s crazy that this happened but that’s why you should always open the box before you buy kicks. Would you buy a car without a test drive? P.S. calling them “micheal’s” is just silly. Stop it.

    • Just fuck ur self ur one of those idiots I hate that work at all the shoe stores god for bid u check them when he pays for them like shoe stores use to making sure there both the same Sz. I know u work to hard. U have to be a douch bag to work there it’s on the app.

      • Just bc they wont hire u, and i can clearly see why, doesnt mean u gotta hate on hard working people who obey the rules that a company gives

    • it says nothing about nike. i work for nike, and when shoes leave our warehouse they are crispy and clean, with the smoothest finest materials. so if theyre moldy like this, it is clearly a problem in the way the store stored them and took care of the product

  2. there has been little movement so far on Nikes end to resolve this issue as well! SMH. Im glad Sneaker files did this article, the publicity should help me out big time.

    • I’ve collected J’s since the original I Black Toe’s back in ’85 and this $hit is crazy! I had one of these experiences back in ’90 when the Fire red V’s came out w/23 on the side. The side panels were yellow, air unit dull, and had scuffs on em’. I was straight up Pi$$ed! I’ve always bought 2 pair of every OG colorway since ’85 so Nike and Mike have gotten a few bucks outta me over the years. Keep on em’! I did and ended up w/a crispy new pair, an upper deck authenticated signed pair, and was sent a card entitling me to get any Jordan releases for the rest of the year free. If anything at the least. Nike is more than able to pay for a pair from one of the greedy a$$ resellers. They know they can resolve it real quick if they want to. I’d let em’ kno that if you aren’t satisfied the BBB, 60 Minutes, any major media outlet will be contacted. They don’t need any bad exposure on that level espescially with all of the negative press about the low wage worker’s oversea’s bein’ investigated too. Good luck with it all. If all else fails………..lawsuit n free Mike’s for life!!

      • you sir are a f**king idiot, and a liar. nike did not give you anything because you messed up your shoes. stop acting important to impress all your hypebeast friends. go die

  3. Just get a refund and call it a day. In my area, the OG sneakerheads don’t “need” these….or you can call “Michael” since you know him on a first name basis. MJ would have never worn these anyways. Save this release for the kiddies.

  4. NIKE has another pair of Air Jordan IV “Cavs”, size 10.5, within their retail or non-retail inventory, GUARANTEED! So the question is why haven’t they replaced it? Maybe, precedent. They don’t want set a precedent of replacing “unavailable” sneakers, in a high profile incident, when standard operating procedure is to refund. It keeps everything simple — operationally. Politically, not so much. If Apple can find a precious metal, that is a natural resource, non-renewable, which has to be mined in China or Japan somewhere, for iPhones to work; why in the HELL can’t NIKE find or make another sneaker that is made out of fucking plastic, fabric, rubber, foam, yarn, and dye? Give me a break! I love the sneakers; hate their public relations.

  5. Dam dat sucks! Dey look worst dan BUGGIN OUTS pair on DO THE RIGHT THING. Bad publicity for Nike. Nike or JB needs to step up to the plate and give this man a replacement, in my opinion.

  6. This is truly a crazy incident, and the mere fact that NIke or JB has done nothing to remedy a loyal customer is totally absurb, but I guess if you have millions of other customers you can survive the bad press of one isolated occurence. If this has happened to anyone else they should have done what Prang is doing and not take the refund. Nike and JB has been flooding the market with subpar quality for over a decade and I am 1 am guilty of purchasing their low quality products at times, but what can we do as a lonely cusomer when we truly love sneakers!

  7. Ive worked in 2 shoe stores Finishline and Champs and no one inspects the shoes especially with releases like this they dont even open the boxes they were shipped in until the night before. All the shoes are stacked in a convenient place so that they can get customers in and out as quickly as possible to avoid any commotion. but seriously dude quit bein naive and look in the box before purchasing them. Some of the shoes are made irregularly and dont fit as perfect as you want em to. i know my size and i STILL try on every pair of kicks i buy.

  8. This was probably not JB’s fault. More likely UPS or whatever shipping company champs uses to get their shoes. This happened at my local mall also with the retro 11 concords last december. UPS just threw the shoes out of their van and the shoes got water damage. But still thats fucked up hopefully they can refund u or get u a new pair if possible.

  9. I hit up @Nikestore and told them I would return my size 11 to help. They said “thanks but problem is resolved.”

  10. Idk but to me this sounds like a bs story… Who checks their shoes after they left the store? To me it sounds like he bought an early release pair/b grade then decided to get the real pair and swapped them and made up a crap story… Just my opinion

  11. if you’ve known “Michael” so long then you should KNOW to check your box prior to purchase. the quality or more realistically lack of quality is a known issue for years with JB.

  12. No offense bro, but that’s why I always open the box to see if the shoes are in great condition before I buy ’em. Too bad I can’t do that anymore cuz J’s these days tend to sell out in seconds. At the end of the day, there just shoes…. now u can find ur pair on eBay or FC for a rape price. It happens with almost every f***** shoe release SMFH! Man, I really miss those days when one can walk into a store, find ur size and cop with ease. Now, those chances are gone. It ain’t fun copping J’s anymore.
    P.S.: Get the refund instead and save it for other pair of J’s that are coming soon! That’s what I’d do if I were in ur shoes!

  13. Employees do not inspect shoes upon arrival. That is what Nike’s quality control is for. In my store, as soon as the shoes come in, the box is tape shut and is not allowed to be opened up until day of release. This is a quality control issue with Nike, not with Champs.

    • Nike (and a lot of other companys) has stopped using quality control. Because they know that the majority of customers don´t complain because it´s a hassle and takes time and energy and the few who do cost less to deal with than actually doing the quality control.
      Almost all Nike´s I´ve bought has some kind of apperance issues such as glue “stains” and the paint on the soles cracks.
      And everyone I know knows about and dislikes Nike for the lousy quality on Jordan retros but buys them anyway and then complains….

      What should we customers do?
      Stop buying is the answer. (But how fun is that?)


  14. It sure is Great that SneakerfiLes is covering this. The fans and Consumers are truLey what Has made Jordan Brand what it is Today. Keeping Us Happy shouLd come first. and i wouLdn’t have taken the money back aLso. i Love any Retro ReLease of the Air Jordan IV, BUT THEY HAVE TO COME WITH QUALITY, NO MORE RUBBER/PLASTIC CHEAP LOOKING WINGS. i want That Leather Back, that came with My White/Chrome/Green Pair of VI’s … and MoLd shouLd be the Last thing i’m thinking about when i Open The Next Box of a Brand New Pair of My Favorite Shoe.

  15. I work at House Of Hoops, and we don’t tape them up, but instead un-box them and put them into the shoes isles. Most people who sell the shoes at the register should be checking both sides for “proper size” anyways so argument can go both ways.

  16. I bought a pair of whit and red 13 from online finishline and had glue marks and the suede, my boy bought the flints 13s and the jumpman was missing a leg! My other friend bought the playoff 13s and missing an arm lookng like a peace sign. Also bought true blues where the side wasnt sown on right….Jorndan kicks now in day are low quality and expensive for no reason! Bring quality back to J’s! I used my 13s that had glue to play ball, after 3 games, the fron leather started to come off the soles! Never had these problems with my lebrons and kobes, just saying!

    • You and your boys’ problem is simple. You need to stop investing your money in Jorndans and start copping Jordans. If its $69.99 then its probably to good to be true bro. Lol. Just f*ckin w/ you.

  17. “I don’t even want these, I need these” You never NEED a pair of new sneakers unless you actually have NO shoes to wear.

  18. That’s messed up but my cuzzin had bought a pair of twos black n white suede from footaction a couple years ago and somethin didn’t look right. The shoe Im one side had extra holes on them. Smh retailers are really slipping somethin has to give

  19. Matt. Feel for u,were cut from the same cloth I too have the same motto and accomplishments , lol 28 yes old, and u had me with “don’t want theses need these”. The whole article was hilarious and so right about the people and conversations in line for realeses. Lol

  20. I think at the end of the day it is always the customer’s job or cashier’s job to check the shoe during checkout. I have worked at Foot Locker before and we never open every shoe. That takes too much time. They would have to do every shoe they recieve like that. I call BS though. Who’s to say, guy didn’t just fuck them up then bring them back?

    • Exactly what i said, if your going to buy something you are going to
      Check it ESPECIALLY when it comes to jordans. He was at the store and could have checked em and if they were moldy, which i highly doubt, he could have gotten a new pair on the spot.

  21. The people that say they work at shoe stores keep saying they’re not allowed to inspect the shoes but if I can recall,everytime ive bought a pair of shoes (no matter what they were) the cashier would take the shoes out to make sure they were both the same size…

  22. WOW that’s crazy but in a way it’s a collectors item i don’t think anyone have seen this before its a 1 of 1 and could be worth even more but i would keep them.

  23. I wonder what type of bacteria contaminated substance these were subjected to.

    Just plain h2o moister wouldn’t cause them to mold.

  24. Nike knows damn well that they have plenty of these shoes (which I think are weak anyway) in the warehouse waiting to shipped out for restocks. They just need to get off that BS and send the guy a new pair for free……trust me it won’t hurt them at all.