Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing Unreleased Air Jordan 13

Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing Unreleased Air Jordan 13


Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing Unreleased Air Jordan 13
One has to wonder, just how many unreleased Jordan colorways exist? Spotted sitting on the sidelines at a Charlotte Bobcats game against the Washington Wizards was the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan, wearing an unreleased colorway of the Air Jordan 13s. It appears that the sneaker is predominately Black with a Grey mudguard, White pods, and yellow outsole. This colorway resembles a pair that Chris Paul posted on his Instagram early in 2013. Let us know what you think – should this colorway be released? And if so, would you cop?

Michael Jordan Spotted Wearing Unreleased Air Jordan 13
Photos via SBD.

  • Jennifer Shah

    How can he do that?

  • Nicky Z Vidovic

    He’s jordan

  • Aleesha Fyffe

    Its his shoe…he probably has tons of unreleased kicks in his closet. Still the GOAT!

  • Kerron Hill

    Wow! Y would somebody even think to ask that lol

  • Paul Moir

    Obviously publicity for the sneaks coming out create a hype, not rocket science lol.

  • Dean Martinez

    Because he’s…. Michael Jordan……

  • Man Trillville Jones

    He’$ Jordan get with it

  • Stone Pierce

    why the fuck would it matter its his company? lol

  • Dru K. Eyezlow

    I dig the spurs colorway

  • Nando Da-man Delgado

    It matches his white sox uniform

  • Damian Kcboi Jordan

    Fuck MJ,that pussy just put 200 million into building prisons in Illinois. I’ll never buy anotha pair of Js. I guess putting $ into schools isn’t as lucrative.

  • Percy Lyle

    Nisha Bostick Kidd-Ellis MaSonya Bostick Quana Bostick

  • Courtney Williams

    He might just have kicks his sons wish they could wear of his but i willing to bet that he do have shoes that nobody has any idea about . From the house shoe style to the street kicks. I would love to be his garbage man . Jordan the greatest ever i would like to see the stare way dunk again.

  • Sam Crawford

    Mike knew the sneaker heads would see this “candid” pic and go nuts when they release

  • MaSonya Bostick

    Percy Lyle

  • Alex sandoval

    Man i want those every time he released his retros they r so fuckin hard to get, i could almost kill for them,i would never hurt no one its just a saying, so please when u do release retro or ne old school Js please make a lot of 10 1/2

  • John Clark

    It’s called marketing! Which means more of YOUR money in HIS pockets

  • MarkOne SoSick

    Omfg are ppl serious with this shit? Who gives a fuck wat hes wearing let em be…..whoever posted this shit saying…Jordans been spotted like this foos on the run or some shit,its MJ of course hes gna have some exclusive shit! Fuckin lames these days smfh

  • MarkOne SoSick

    Making money off ppl selling the same shoes over n over in different colors bunch of suckas!

  • Andrew Chung

    Might as well drop a color way for every team. Bobcat J’s no thanks

  • Quana Bostick

    Yea..I like those

  • Versace Ice

    He don’t want to walk around in what we walk around in, common sense!

  • Nick Scott

    Aaron Jones

  • Versace Ice

    Damian Kcboi Jordan, thanks for that informative info, I didn’t know that….smdh….. people need to wake uP!

  • Jeffery Johnson

    Them nice

  • Jon Esteban Macapagal

    Closest J13 would be the Black/Maize.. only diff is thia has white nubuck accents. Still dope.

  • Jason Wuthang

    Nice Jordan 13. I like them

  • Jake Mela

    Chris Washington

  • Gus Muniz

    It’s photoshopped lol and it’s a bad job makes his ankles look smaller then a wrist and the shoes are off they don’t line up with the pants. Those are custom 13s I saw then on sneaker freaks before

  • Dee NoNonsense Reynolds

    What’s the fascination with Jordans anyway? They have been out for years, plus their expensive!!! SMDH

  • DeeZy Espinosa

    Alex Rodriguez

  • Adam Borwick

    He needs kicks like that to take the attention off those terrible track suits he wears. Damn owner wearing track suits. Smfh

  • Dominic Trujillo

    Raul Carro Jr.

  • Dominic Trujillo

    Raul Carro Jr. bitch

  • Giovanni Piramide Sabandal

    Armell Hablado Ephraim Rojas Aram

  • Michael Watkins

    Honestly that color way makes those 13’s look like the 12.5’s I got years back not that impressive.

  • Adrian Ortega

    If it’s fake so and if it wasn’t it’s his brand he can make them for him self and not release them

  • Carlo Narcelles

    This is like saying Jay-Z raps never heard of rap

  • Chanelle Wilkerson

    Why is this a surprise?? He owns possibly the most popular sneaker brand! Duh.

  • Ernesto Gomez

    @MAKE$..“ Jordan 13 are
    Clean ..

  • Kevin Alvarado


  • B-Rye McAndrew

    I love kicks, but Why this is news, and all over the internet….that’s so sad on everyone’s part

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    but your last name is Jordan how Ironic

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    What the world of sneaker heads who really don’t want to understand is that these millionaires who enjoy his brand pay to have his customized and specially delivered. Hell usher received some a matching set for him and his boys and we will never see those come out. Bun B in Houston always has the last J’s 6 mos. to a year before they drop. Here its normal it’s all about the $$$

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    Thats what rich guys wear have you seen the co founder of Facebook smh very corny

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    you can’t be serious….smh

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    Please use your brains people. ITS HIS BRAND HE CAN HAVE ANY COLOR TREND MADE AND PUT OUT!!!

  • Harvey J Gomab Rellford

    fuzz all that I just want the connect so I can have some 4’s, 10’s,12’s, and 13’s made in honor of my fraternity colors.

  • Rodriguez Jeffries

    Fuck all that y is this news nd this pic fake shit he just nd to drop this the colorway is nice to me…plain nd simple

  • Damian Kcboi Jordan

    Wtf does my last name gotta do with my comment? I know a pedophile name Harvey, does that have anything to do with you? While you copping all these Js, remember, you or somebody you know could be in tha same jail or prison you helped fund. Weird ass nigga! Harvey J Gomab Rellford.

  • Tyson Lundy

    Stacey Price