Macklemore Throws “Red October” Yeezy 2s Iinto Crowd on NYE

Macklemore Throws “Red October” Yeezy 2s Iinto Crowd on NYE


Macklemore Throws Red October Yeezy 2s Iinto Crowd on NYE

Macklemore definitely made two lucky fans the happiest people on earth. During his set at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014 in Times Square, Mr. Thrift Store himself hit the stage rocking the highly coveted “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2s. Halfway through his performance, Macklemore tossed his pair of previously mentioned kicks into the crowd one by one. Just in case you don’t believe what you are reading, check the 1:50 mark in the video below. Give it a look and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

  • Brent Tell Mc Crosler

    He should have gave them as a pair that would be the nice thing to do not seperating a pair

  • Mubi Mubarak

    Ohh mannn

  • Jessie Combs

    I would have toss that garbage back at him.

  • Kevin Manning

    Them shits are ugly

  • Ma Wi

    Joshua Guapo Bravo Shawn Anderson

  • Adrian Ortega

    Dam I would to but instead I’ll throw 10 pairs of air jordan 3s the black cements and the true blues and the fire red and the white cements and the crimson 3s

  • Nicholas Shuits

    Greg Scelp

  • Kim N Tom

    Should have thrown them in the trash

  • Forrester Cook

    Let’s see, Kanye (wack as hell), Macklemore (weak as hell)…No thank you!

  • Andrew Chung

    Happiest on earth ??? Lmao probably some tourists that have no clue about them ugly shits

  • Austin Northern

    Who’s your content editor ? There are misspellings all over your posts. This isn’t professional in the slightest bit. Travesty

  • MrRealRaw00

    realyoungdonn Audio Regime | OH YEAH | Music Video Official Swiph1 CashusDeflow #AudioRegime #TorontoMuzik

  • Frantz Gourdet

    Steven McFly Thomas TheTank Knox Chris Panic

  • Troy Gibson

    Wish someone would of threw his CD at him then that would of been a story…

  • Impacto Profundo

    Great, a single shoe.

  • France Bince

    maybe those 2 people doesnt know about shoes and didnt know that they cost like $3500

  • Zayd Takiedine

    They did know about the shoe it was on ig

  • France Bince

    ig of who?

  • Ryan Mcgowan

    Some Asian girl caught one it’s on reddit in the sneaker subreddit

  • Steven McFly

    He threw away a down payment on a car lmao Frantz Gourdet

  • Steven Niner Gallegos

    They but ugly that why he threw them away….

  • Bryan Lopez

    They where fake ..get with the program

  • Jonathan Alvarado


  • James Taylor

    Yeezy is not going to like that when he finds out!

  • Leon Yao

    William Lin Damien Qiu

  • Damien Qiu

    Will did you see azarenka’s kciks yesterday? fuk

  • Jartavian Jordan

    They might be ugly but they are rare