Louis Vuitton Sunlight Sneaker

Louis Vuitton Sunlight Sneaker



While Nike worked with Kanye West on the Air Yeezy model, the brand has been immensely successful for a long time without him- and will continue to be so. Now, the Louis Vuitton brand seems out to prove the same as it introduces the Sunlight sneakers pictured here, hoping they’ll do well despite not having Kanye West’s official stamp of approval. Releasing this holiday season with red and with blue accents, the pairs of the Sunlight sneaker sport both mesh, leather, and suede. What do you think of LV’s attempt at a stylish sneaker for the new holiday season?

Via HighSnobiety.

  • SeamorexFetti

    the blue oness is live

  • kmankendall

    yea the blue joants are nice. if they're under 400 then they might be worth buying

  • cj1800

    im rockin wit ya ye'

  • DeseNutz

    who the fuckk would cop these if they wasnt Louis' .. keep it real !! smfh … not too impressed

  • LoPeeZYBK718

    not 4 no 500 or whatever they talking crazE bout

  • FreshInTheCC

    These are ok. If they are under 150 (which thay aren't gonna be) I would get them

    But they are a little to plain