Louis Vuitton Street Sneaker Winter 2009 Collection

Louis Vuitton Street Sneaker Winter 2009 Collection



Just two days ago we presented our readers with a look at two pairs of the Louis Vuitton Sunlight expected to release in time for this holiday season. But the brand’s efforts to take more steps into the sneaker culture do not end there- as most of us could have guessed. To that extent, we’re here to pass on to you news of five pairs of the Louis Vuitton Street Sneaker also slated to release as part of the brand’s winter of 2009 collection. Two pairs come in a black/white colorway with damier embossed patent/calf leather- one in a low-top model and the other in a high-top “boot” one. The other three pairs come in black/white, white/black, and cocoa; all also sporting monogram embossed calf leather with the “LV” logo on the entire upper while sitting on completely white soles. These will all run you approximately $600 retail and can be found at your nearest Louis Vuitton flagship stores. How do you think these Street Sneakers match up to the Sunlight Sneakers? Check out individual pix of the collection’s sneakers after the jump.


  • sejung kim

    don is better

  • G87

    Not bad 400 worth it maybe the low top black joints are ill not 600 tho but its LV so of coruse smh

  • e

    damier print vans no creativity

  • sneakerfittedguy

    If only I had the cake … (N)

  • kenefy

    thesee look great but they gottah chilll with these prices but i would stilll buy if i get the money knowing not a lot of people will buy them