Li-Ning Jose Calderon PE

Li-Ning Jose Calderon PE


While most of us are aware of the Baron Davis Li-Ning signature sneaker series, he is not the only NBA player in a contract with the Chinese sneaker company. In fact, you can now add Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon to the list of NBA ballers with their own Li-Ning PE. Pictured here is number 8’s Li-Ning PE in a black/red colorway. It dons the Spanish point guard’s number 8 on the inside ankle area, while a small depiction of Calderon in his patented 3 fingers pose fills the top of the shoe’s tongue. Finally, the Li-Ning team pays homage to Calderon’s hometown of Spain by placing a silhouette of the country’s flag underneath the shoe’s sole. With no word of a stateside release, here are pictures of the shoe that might or might not make its way to the U.S. If you had the chance to, would you be inclined to try out a pair?

Via Kenlu.

  • LXA

    Not as bad as I was expecting, kinda looks like a T-Mac shoe or something…

  • mtgyles

    reminds me of the aj23

  • Mike Hunt

    where can i buy 1 asap!!

  • 754boy

    I agree with LXA. As soon as I saw the pic: TMAC!!! Lol I think these look pretty nice :)

  • Spictacula

    Dope…Li-Ning coming up

  • TheSunDropKID

    they look like 1st mike vick nike shoes, but they look pretty sick!

  • jkrame33

    1st mike vick shoes indeed, but only sicker

  • poypogi

    this looks like it's taken from adidas design (T-Mac6) and technology (climacool)

  • MSigs

    that patent leather strip across the toebox is dope

  • wangbu14

    if only they could come up with original designs/concept of their own and try not to steal others ideas…

  • Chi boy

    these boys decent ill hoop in them

  • mader1icp

    ^^^^^^ what the F are u all lookin at ? those joints are hidieous give me a break u would get clownt so bad u show up with that junk on>>>lmao @ ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • TheSunDropKID


  • beezy

    look like an AI8 a little bit too..

  • ??

    these are ulgy who would wear these

  • james

    who in the world would wear these??? these are ugly