LeBron James Wears Nike LeBron 11 Home PE

LeBron James Wears Nike LeBron 11 Home PE


LeBron James Wears Nike LeBron 11 Home PE

Seeing as how LeBrons lack of usage for the LeBron XI has been well documented, it is nice to finally see the King rocking his eleventh signature shoe again. But much like all the other LeBron XI appearances, they only saw a few minutes of action before James switched back to the LeBron X during the middle of the 1st quarter.In any event, all of you sneakerheads will get to take a look at this home-inspired colorway after the jump. Fully equipped with a crisp white base, these kicks also sport a hot touch of red about its accents. Check out a look at King James rocking both the LeBron X and XI below and be sure to let us know how you feel about LeBrons lack of use for his latest signature shoe.

LeBron James Wears Nike LeBron 11 Home PE

Photos via aaronknows

  • Junito Cortés

    Mann fuck LeBum

  • Sunny Ho

    he wore the lebron 11 like 5 mins and then switch it back to lebron 10 for the rest of the game

  • leo6231

    Its not a lack, maybe he’s been superstitious, and ofcourse nike pushed because they have to push for a new signature shoe from him.

  • Arturo Nieto

    He a bitch
    Who in the fuckk would buy this lame ass nikkas shoes
    Heat can suckk cockks wit the floppin asses

  • MrJacksonToU

    If you put the XIs on your feet after having worn the Xs you’d switch back in a hurry too!! They are uncomfortable as hell

  • DanielSavage

    Couldn’t disagree more.  I find the LBJ XI to be one of the most comfortable basketball sneakers I have ever worn, and I’ve been a sneaker guy for about 25 years.  Now, as far as the way they look….that’s a different matter.  I happen to like the shoe, but I can totally understand why some people don’t…

  • Kelly Miller

    Way too cocky…

  • Mark Jayson Antonio

    at last he wears them.. for the second time though.

  • Alex Freeman

    I hate to say but shaq got the best shoes in the ad thrm rees are on point

  • Julian Silky Hardy

    Probably a modified pair he can wear because of his crooked feet

  • Corey Travassos

    Those 11’s would look dope in black and gold like jordans 7’s

  • Ewin R Jimz

    He wore then 4 2 min lol

  • Walter L. Judilla

    not good for ballin

  • Tee Walker

    Those look like modified retro 7’s…..kinda cool tho

  • Patrick Mueca

    Haha at first I thought they looked like carmine 6’s.

  • Ofwgkta Oliver

    These shall be mine…

  • Renante Feliciano


  • dundeel1

    Laker fans= biggest haters ^^^^

  • Rico Hall II


  • Matt Atencio

    Ugliest fukk’n kicks ever….notated what color they r

  • Quinrontes Clark

    Finally he wears them

  • Jimmy Estrada Limon

    Ugly kicks!

  • Jay Brooks


  • Denzel Babb

    They look like carmine 6’s haha

  • Javier Arce

    Fake-ass Carmine’s..lol

  • Larry E. Jacquett


  • Victor Spotty Burns