LeBron James Speaks Out on Not Wearing the LeBron 11

LeBron James Speaks Out on Not Wearing the LeBron 11


LeBron James Speaks Out on Not Wearing the LeBron 11

If you’ve been watching any of the Miami Heat games this season, you may have noticed that LeBron James hasn’t really been putting his eleventh signature shoe to use. Having only worn his new shoe for two complete games this season, it seemed like as fast as James would start the game in the LeBron XI model was as fast as he would revert back to the LeBron X. Although the Bron XI continues to outperform the LeBron X on the retail level, this obvious lack of use has raised quite a few concerns. In speaking with ESPN correspondent Darren Rovell, James finally cleared the air on why he hasn’t been wearing the shoe. “It has been a frustrating process. But obviously, I know that Nike wants to do what’s best. They’re not going to put me out there in harm’s way. So we’re redefining the shoe to fit what’s best for my foot.”

James went on to say that the creative minds over at Nike Basketball are working to redefine the shoe in order to provide him with a better fit. Now that the King has spoken on the issue, does this affect your perception of the LeBron XI? Join the discussion below and be sure to keep rocking with SneakerFiles for more information.

LeBron James Speaks Out on Not Wearing the LeBron 11

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  1. so you are going to tell the guys who the shoe is named after and best player in the nba whats best for his feet and performance??…. lmao oh ok

  2. Fuck LeBron, I thought he was on some Yeezi shit, not wearing them until Nike lower the price type shit smh

  3. I mean out of all the time they’ve had just now when the shoe is out is a problem.But I can understand in away b/c I wear my 11’s as a fashion shoe and sumtimes the toe box gives me a problem and he has to play in them run up and down the court jumpin and hoppin so I just wish tht over the summer this wouldve been taken care of already.Glad that KingJames finally said sumthin about it tho.I have never seen this b4 in my life a great ball player is getting question about his shoes more then the game of basketball thts how u knw yo shoes are the Sh#!

  4. Got the gamma blue Labron and they fit great..first pair of them I’ve always bought Jordan’s but had to have these..

  5. well, so lebron’s saying nike is producing crappy shoes, not worth or even dangerous putting them on himself …

  6. Cuz of his crusty ass toes lookin like they throwin up gang signs for no reason lol thats y they dnt “fit” him comfortably