Kevin Durant Shows Off a New Version of His KD VI (6)...

Kevin Durant Shows Off a New Version of His KD VI (6) EXT



Durant’s Nike signature shoe has quickly become one of the favorites for the new generation of sneakerheads, not to mention the off the top, ridiculously awesome designs. This morning we got a look at a new edition of the KD VI (6) EXT in which we last saw a complete gum body with hints of raspberry and mint on the “Wheats”, this time around he went in a little different direction. The upper on these KD’s are a dark floral design that includes yellow, blue, green and a black background for all of it. A black Nike Swoosh matches the KD branding along with the laces and inner lining. A crispy white midsole contrasts the ominous kicks while the translucent sole caps off another great Nike/KD project. No word on a release date but check back as soon as possible for more.

Do you like the new KD VI (6) EXT or is it something your grandmother would buy for you? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for celebrity kicks and much more!

Via @easymoneysniper

  • Adrien Pedroza

    all kd’s suck

  • Dominique T Nelson

    Ralph Bright

  • Malachi Walker

    Gotta be up there wit the ugliest pair of kicks ever made ,yuuup!!

  • Enigmatic Letter K

    KD’s are heinous in general but these look gay as fuck.

  • Siennika Pryor


  • Freddy Snoopy Perez

    Gay asf!!

  • Kody K-Stacks Williams

    Carlos These wit the floral elites would be nice a.s

  • Sup3rJ3rk

    Everyone that commented on this are haters. These go hard af.

  • Martin Djml King

    Ugly and gay lookn… NOPE!

  • Duane Waller

    Ewwww, what’s those? The Vietnam 3000’s

  • Christopher Starks


  • Jerome Onzetop

    Don’t know why but I like them !!

  • Rich Derese


  • Anthony Martinez

    Robert Gonzales

  • Anthony Senior

    No!!! Ugh…

  • Robert Gonzales


  • Jamaal Boudreaux


  • Hank Sullins


  • Seromlav Romel

    tmp down

  • Anthony Jones

    Yup! I’ll take them

  • Rob Tz

    Stephon Rip Tate Jetson these are hands down the colest kd 6s ever

  • Justin Edwards

    Make better colorways, it would be a great shoe if the made better EXT colorways!

  • Victoria Tambone


  • Kevin Williams

    Ass Cheeks

  • Eddie Redice

    first they gave you pink, then animal print, and now floral patterns: THEY TRYING TO FEMENIZE YALL

  • Alex Wills

    Rhyen Ellis Karl Graham dayyum.

  • Michael Taylor Jr

    Jakari Taylor

  • Ericson Valdivia

    Those are dope..

  • Brandon Franco

    Tony Chavez ssik

  • Ray Moore

    Hard as fuck super hypebeast is here

  • Johnathan Rivera

    They ugly as he’ll

  • RazBerry Marie

    Them cold Josan Pete Zahut Dillinger

  • Nick Quagliato

    They ugly as fuck

  • ToddPhillips

    I need these

  • Harry Brown


  • Nobielovesstrong Holmes

    Dante’ Brown

  • Loc Stvy Trippky

    thy hoes hard

  • Tristan BeastMode Walker


  • Anthony Mota

    Wilson Curry , you seen these firee joints ?!

  • Colby Minor

    Those Nice Got To Get Dem

  • Luis Gutierrez

    Jesus Rivera these niguh

  • Badtz Maru


  • Corey Vaughter

    yes i need these

  • Jamar Hall

    shit no they hard af………….

  • Eddie Redice

    Look like they took the material from off my great grandmas couch: and men dont rock flowers, pink, or animal prints_thats all female shit

  • Tyrell Fields

    A big shoe

  • Q Stay’trippy Moore

    Dre Savage

  • LaLa BetterMe Mccomb


  • Michael Collins

    Those are ugly as fuck

  • Maury Yazzie

    Big fan but tho shoes look gay

  • Jarrett Ellington

    Floral design on them ho’s step your shoe game up nobody will have these u will break necks with these on your feet

  • Antonio E Rodriguez

    these joint is wavy

  • Kyle Jayme


  • Angela Loya

    Da fuck? Nooooo (Kevin hart voice)

  • Brad M Thomas

    They’re crazy… And phresh

  • Eui Soo Kim

    Hyun Min Kim

  • Jonathan Alvarado

    Omg wtf….this is a direct attack to the kicks game…..KD this kicks are back…

  • Jordan Payne

    Lmao damn he said the material from his grandma couch … but durant step your kick game up, weak as fuck

  • Dirtt Diggler

    Why him and Westbrook dress like queers

  • Vell Dasneakerhead Luarks

    Oh my I fell in love

  • Nick Schmitz

    That’s the fugliest mfking shoes I have ever seen. Looks like a clown tripping balls on acid masturbated on a pair of shoes!!!

  • Amos Reece

    I’m not gonna lie, these are nice.

  • Hyun Min Kim

    김의수 봄…..구닥 안끌려….

  • Nick Schmitz

    Dirtt Diggler, I couldn’t have said it any better than you just did bro!!!!

  • Lamar Life’s Good Gainey

    Perfect Christmas gift

  • Brielle Brock

    these is weeet

  • Mikey James Rodgers

    Damon Hill

  • Ricky Salazar

    Who killed the couch

  • Nycky Patiag

    Ugly as hell.

  • StayTrue Bryson

    Ooooooweeeeeee flavored , do these have a release dat ????

  • E.j. Carrillo

    Looks like a cheap motel carpet

  • Jasonizer Albos

    Jayson Cadiz Christian Derick watcha say? HAHAHA

  • Jayson Cadiz

    Nakita ko na to. Di ko feel

  • Shane Twomey

    Marcelino Garcia

  • Leon Yao

    Damien Qiu William Lin oh my god

  • Annie Lindz


  • Dekwan Burns

    Milfuis Cox

  • Nunu Williams

    I want

  • Violeta Rodriguez

    Ugly as fuck..pffffff

  • Prettyboipraylo

    I’ll get em now but won’t pay more than 180 for em

  • Jesus Orlando Ayala

    Copp or dropp?? Mmmm DROOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP!!

  • Prinze Yow


  • Keira O’SoDope Hager

    Do not Get Mee Started Marque Morris

  • Skyler Leonard Martinez

    They need to bring back the hightops

  • Sneaker_Head11

    Definitley COPP !!

  • Scott Free

    Clean af

  • Jocelyn MissPavi Williams

    These shoes get more homosexual by the release….

  • Gary Rothe

    Casino carpet kicks =junk

  • Krystiano Dũng

    Đẹp vl Ninh Phạm

  • Corey Henderson


  • Kyle Irvine


  • Bragi Travis Barker

    is wonderful

  • Matthew Hestikind

    dope shoe ever[:

  • Brelan Ealy

    Most dope color way I’ve seen of the kd 6

  • Michael D Jefferson Jr.


  • Trey LiiVe

    Shits for girls only

  • Aaron ‘Mack’ Milliner

    That shit ugly as fuck it look like a rug foreal

  • Chrissy Christmas

    only if the sole wasn’t white.

  • Kay King

    I like will buy a pair they match anything

  • RMike Loyson


  • D.j. T Grind

    Niquita Newton

  • Niquita Newton

    D.j. T Grind sick

  • Rj Marquez

    Gabriel Luis Depositar Patrick Edward Garcia

  • Kimlee Miller

    A must have

  • Stephan Takatsch

    Sick summer shoe

  • Jecoa Brooks

    Those are sexy

  • Adrian Pattee

    I like the tung more then normall 6 s

  • Luis Colón

    Nick Richards

  • Kamira Moore

    These r fire

  • Rafae Lowery


  • Sarah Zak

    God awful

  • Xoyoan Colon

    I want these so bad i hope they drop everywhere and dont become almost exclusive like the wheats!!!!

  • Jamaal Boudreaux


  • Duane Waller

    U just fuct up my Christmas wit that shoe.

  • Trekyria Ayers

    Ugly ! What Guy Would Wear Butterflies. On There Shoess ?

  • Luis Lopez

    need them

  • Shantelle Tubbs


  • Brad TheDub Wynn

    Samin Brown.

  • Keith Titus

    Wheb do these drop

  • Carlos Goyin Sanchez

    DeAndre Parker

  • Martell V Galloway

    Those are nice, they look like an old lady’s sofa or Kim K in that Givenchy gown

  • Angelo Portillo

    These are dope

  • Kena Johnson

    Hell naw can you say ugh luv KD tho

  • _TCoop

    TreyE11 oh yeah I saw those

  • TreyE11

    _TCoop I like those better

  • christo31758158

    sneakerfiles them bitched fresh