Kevin Durant Presents “New Flavors” of the KD VI

Kevin Durant Presents “New Flavors” of the KD VI


KD VI New Flavors

This morning KD took to social media to reveal “New Flavors” of his most recent signature shoe that has gained nothing but respect and dollars since they’ve hit shelves. Durant posted pictures of three new VI’s including a blue and yellow pair with black accents, a grey and yellow pair with blue accents and a orange and blue pair with a black and white design along the sides. No name or release info tied to these sneakers yet but with the KD VI “N7” dropping this morning we don’t expect a long wait for any of these.

Which of these upcoming KD VI colorways are you feeling the most? Let us know in the comments section below and stick with Sneakerfiles for extra news on these KD VI’s and much more!


  • Kenny Williams

    These are the most ugliest shoes ever!!!!

  • Samuel Hannah


  • Phil Caliboso

    I dont know. Nike was onto something with the 4s but im not diggin these no matter what colorway they come out with.

  • Ern Walker

    Soccer cleats? Lol boo

  • Angelique Boone

    Babe i like the yellow ones Francisco Munoz

  • Jwood Da’RealJwood TexasGiant

    Ugly ass shoes kill the designer

  • Adrian Clu Topsy

    These are disturbing , they are like Nike Bapes. Nasty.

  • Konstantin Palikarov

    Not bad dolnite

  • Travis Swann

    Wack smh

  • Lorraine Stamps


  • Anthony Skaff

    Christopher Martland Ristic Johan Gunterberg de e fan en SKYMF att kalla de där sneakers. Skillnaden mellan alla andra o Jordan. Jordan skulle ALDRIG göra timdesigns.

  • Sinthya Sifuddin

    Wow really nice

  • Don Perry Enabe

    1st and 3rd is nice

  • Whte Guzman

    Yon oh…nice.

  • Jonathan Chu


  • Dontrail Burrell

    I wouldn’t wear dat bs . Dey always try’n 2 make k.d. shoes ugly y? HE DA NEXT BEST if nt already . Tell’m call M.J. lol

  • Tatiana Nicole

    They all look pretty dope ta me…

  • Julian SwaqqaDaqqa KoolKickz

    Yellow one looks OK.

  • Jay Forte Jr.

    Need these

  • Jerome Onzetop

    They’re pretty for small feet to me …. And great to bball

  • Alebron Poynter

    1 and 3 r ok