Kanye West Nike Signature Shoe?

Kanye West Nike Signature Shoe?


Kanye West Nike Signature Shoe?

Well that is the rumor for now. Kanye West will be the first non athlete to ever have a Nike Signature shoe. As of now, the information is lose, but we all know Kanye is big on fashion and sneakers. On the front of Kanye West new album “Graduation” the bear (which represents West) is wearing what looks like the Nike Marty McFly’s, so now another rumor going around is a shoe similar to the Nike Marty McFlys will release under Kanye West’s name.

Another factor to come in play, is the fact that Kanye West loves to wear stuff with a lot of colors. So is it possible for a Multi Colored Nike to release? Only time will tell.

Kanye West Nike Signature Shoe?


  1. H goes by the AKA Marty Mcfly too, so that could be the reason for the bear wearing the shoes.. i would love to see nike sign kanye to a shoe deal though!

  2. damn yo wat happened with bape???? didn't he have a contract with em?? but yea i hope that he makes some crzy pair of AF1's or DUNKS or SB"s cuz thats gonna be crzy

  3. Nike has never "signed" a non-athlete and probably never will; however, they have done a ton of one-off sneakers with people they consider influencers in the industry, and my guess is the Kanye West sneaker is going to be just that. Nike has developed sneakers with musicians before – they just dropped the MF Doom SB a few weeks ago, so it does happen! Only time will tell…

  4. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? personally he aint contributing to the hip hop industry Nor 2 nike as a corporation!!!!! off top he sucks as a person and as a entertainer.

  5. i no the shoes to me are going 2 look good. it's going to be u either love it or hate it. that's jus how kanye's style is.

  6. mang Kane beez wak…Iz finna kop some Pumpaz wen dey drop E40 o mabe Keak da Sneak jointz kuz dey gotz all da rapper kix now…

  7. Yo dogg yall are buggin if kanye sighns wit nike 2 create kicks its gonna be flames literally he is the one who started all the latest trend in hip hop name one rapper flyer then kanye and 2 the marty mcflys are outrageous I'd definantly cop seing as how kanye clothing line is dropin soon

  8. Lmaoo at jamal…those rappers u mentioned make no good music at all…tell me when to go??? Makes no sense…they not known at all here in nyc but I bet everyone has heard of kanye west in the usa…and his beats are crack and so are his tracks…he sells more then all those retarded hyphy people even when he had his jaw shut…and now he's gonna sign with the most famous sneaker company of all time??? He got it all…pumas??? Are u serious…his style is crazy 2…some of ya wish ya had the money 2 wear wat he does lol..all I gotta say is release the mcfly's the day of his album!!!

  9. No I wouldn't be going "dumb"…guess that's why u so retarded its the music man but the kid from ny already said wat I was going 2 say…the only ill rapper from cali is game…and wat ill sneakers do u guys rock???I forgot u got vans on but u don't skateboard??? Wats next DC's? Nyc is the fashion center of the world man…so go back to going dumb but I'm pretty sure u can't get dumber

  10. yo, kanye iz one of the most innovative rappers in da gameand hiz album iz gonna sell 800,000+ in 3 days i bet…and michael…all i have to say to u iz big l,jay-z,biggie,nas,50 cent,jadakiss.. just to name a few..the only good rappers california had in the last 15 yearz iz n.w.a, snoop,and the game…balance it out

  11. lol that dude flue said juelz santana lol wow…L.A. got it on lock the west is back n harder than ever. and for all you people outside of california bangin crips n bloods YOUR FAKE



  13. Srry if I'm repeating someone else BUT Kanye had a signature Air Max 180 the feature his Bear logo on the tongue and fur around the toe box (al la the Medicom x Nike SBs) Word was he went to Nike I'D and made several pair, but nothing confirmed since Nike I'D doesn't relese client listings. But he did as well have a couple Bapes and a Pro-Keds shoe called Recess

  14. The ONLY!!!, ONLY!!!, Great MC's to come from the south are OUTKAST, GOODIEMOB, EIGHTBALL AND MJG, SCARFACE, and UGK…Andre 3000

    is in my opinion one of the DOPEST dudes to ever bless a microphone. Youngsters need to respect New York because with out the MECCA none of it would have been possible. PEACE

  15. everybody go get the complex magazine and you will see this is true because in the pic he doesnt want to name the shoes he has on and they are similar to dunks

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  17. those artist above shit on kanye hands down ……

    kanye is a sell out, on some real shit, plastic ass dude. fuk him and his kickz……