Kanye West in Air Jordan VI Infrared

Kanye West in Air Jordan VI Infrared


Kanye West in Air Jordan VI Infrared

Celebrating Princess Diana’s 46th Birthday, a special concert was held at the Wembley Stadium in London. A total of 24 artists performed including Kanye West. He was rockin a fresh pair of Air Jordan VI Infrareds. I know people have mixed feelings towards Kanye West, but one thing is for sure, this pair of Air Jordan VI Infrared’s are fresh.

  • Raphaos

    OMG This will be released on 2008…. I can't wait

  • EKIN

    Will this shoe sell individually by itself or in that 23 packaged ?

  • 889

    kanye sux

  • mel

    I thought these were already retro?

  • Mike

    y wud they let him wear such nice kicks


    Thats tight, I had no idea kanye west had haters. Will someone who doesnt like him mind explaining why?

  • Chris Mullen's

    excuse my language homeboy

  • weezy

    difo city get outa here you hatin cause he rich he got his own bape a he bitches you on they other hand are broke work at micyds(if yall dont know that mcdonalds) and cook burgers dont hate son

  • Chris Mullen's

    I like Kanye as a person but not as an emcee


    ^^^because you suck mad cock…and my respect for dude is even greater because not only is he rockin infareds but his album is gonna be bonkersz

  • $o Krispy

    yea kanye do suck tho, but them shoes is hot i got a get a pair.

  • djreality

    the clothes he's rockin with them is wack

  • DMW_15


  • Curtis Johnson

    It's funny that y'all hate a HIP-HOP artist that makes consistently good music and doesn't try to be somethin' he's not, sells hella records, and win awards out the ass, yet love RAP artists that kiss men, act like they killed someone wit a tear drop on their face, and swagger jacked their whole persona from rappers from up-north/the east coast, i.e. Lil' Wayne. Pure stupidity, dawg…

  • several

    the J's are tight. I've been waiting for these a while. It's funny how cat's wit no dough hate on cats wit dough. ever heard of Karma. you gone stay down as long as yo ass is hatin!

  • jc

    Yeah what's up with that outfit?!?!?!

    Shoes… Nice

    Rapper… Great

    outfit… WTF!!!

  • LBJ Fan

    Man you gotta be stright up stupid

    if you think these are fake

    Kanye's a celebrity/rapper

    he gets exclusive J's from da manufacture

    how do u think other celebs

    get all the retro's or newer ones that you

    never even seen?

    and how can you all be hatin on Kanye

    I dont see you rappin n getting paid as

    good as he is so stop dissin

  • stillBROKE

    i don't know what's tighter the shoes or the pants?

  • cool

    gotta have a pair

  • Response

    In Response to Dan-O, thats like askin "why do certain celebs get X-Box 360, PS3, Sidekick 3, Blackberry's etc… before anyone else"??? Cause there celebrity's and those brands want them to market there merchandise so other people can start itching to get their stuff. His shoes aren't fake, Jordan Brand probably figured that millions would be watching so why not have Kanye wear a pair of 6s foreshadowing that they will be released next year. I seen Big Tigger with the Citrus 7s before they hit shelves and everyones seen Bun-B with those ugly ass Kings County Spi'zikes.

  • YA BOY


  • brandizy

    blue..ma dude..boosie cant rap 4 nothin in tha world..anyway kanye is a bomb ass hip hop artist an tha infareds is tha bidness…

  • Jacob

    Dam Nice! I luv those J'S they my fav!. Kool to see him rockin my fav J's but he def shoulda changed his outfit to match them.

  • mike d

    them aint fakes, kanye even rocking some infared 6s in the college dropout cd booklet

  • Martin


    Clearly Kanye West was wearing a pair of AJ VI as part of a marketing drive. If you watch the footage and compare it with other performers at the concert you will see that no other performer had their feet filmed, Kanye West was pretty much filmed with his feet in view for the whole performance. At the end of his performance he went to be interviewed and plonked his feet up on a table to show off his shoes.

    There is no way in the world he would wear fake Jordans and its pretty clear he was given some pairs of 2007 or 2008 retro VI by Brand Jordan. My wife even noticed they were AJ VI's and said "He has got shoes like yours on"

    It is no doubt the first of many product placements by Jordan Brand for the upcoming release of the VI's. They were also far too fresh to be Original 1991 or retro 2000. It is a shame that no close-up pictures of the backs of the shoes are to be found as it would have been case closed if you could see the jump-man.

    Good news is that it looks like the jump-man will be black and not some ridiculous colour.

  • tim

    if kanye west is jesus and jesus wears fresh kicks then the world will end in 5 years

  • Solessearcher


    Kanye rocked the stage and has his AJ VI

    You guys need to drink less hatorade

  • shade

    why dumbasses hating on kanye when you do vetter then him in the rap business or making money like him and make namebrands famous by wearing thennn say sumtin if not then back off and get a life hes better then you hatterz like in his new song hes talkin bout u haterzzzzzz

  • Prophecy

    Damn, i never comment shyt like this, but half of yall r retarded. No kanyes kicks are not fake, ever heard of flightclub…..this dude is madd rich, y yall suprised that he got them. Any1 can get them shyts if they got the cake, 600 on ebay. Its not that serious. And so yall know, kanye is a good artist even though he doesnt write all of his tacks. And whoever said lil booise needs respect, ur a f**kin idiot.

  • donnie

    the infareds are real and stop hating on the man. kanye aint even thinking about what you think about him. hes just stacking his bread and buying more ogs and retros. now on to the kicks which is what this was suppoused to be about. those are in the top 10 best jordan colorways of all time. if you say no, you on the pipe or taking it! ya dig

  • nathan

    wats good. Hit me up wit dat music cuz

  • HyeStyleKid

    Point blank Kanye Kilt from the shoes to the outfit, thats why he has pictures up here and people hatin

  • that kid over there

    madd herbs be hating.. dont hate on him just cus he's fresher than you.

  • yourDAman

    wow, everyone hates on Kanye, yet at the end of the day your biting his style lol

    Niggas needa hop of lil waynes gaya ss music and lsiten to some real music. Kanye is a Good rapper

  • R3tro's baxk

    ok lets get straight t2 the point like…..

    kanye is the ******* man, 2. if most of yall tir3d *** haters

    understood getting fresh

    , sum times yuh rock less appealing **** to make another part of

    your appearal stand out….

    that was the point of the blate colored suit but the red ti3 nd the

    kixks to stand out more, dumbasses!!!!! nd to those who got the message thanx god