Jordan Melo M6 – Blue Sky/Black/Gold

Jordan Melo M6 – Blue Sky/Black/Gold


Jordan Melo M6 Denver Nuggets

As reported before Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony will be wearing his sixth signature shoe from the Jordan Brand, the Jordan Melo M6 during the 2009-10 NBA season. Earlier we saw a glimpse of some general colorways, but now we finally have a look at the M6 in his team’s Denver Nuggets colorway, Blue Sky/Black/Gold. The upper consists of patent leather, suede, leather, and a breathable mesh. Also, the shoe has gold stitching and Blue Sky accents. No word on a release date but stay posted.

Via Flightclub

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  2. Boy, this is pretty bad. I felt like the M5 was pretty disappointing, but this is even beneath that. I hate to say it, but I would never buy these. 1/5 stars.

  3. the yellow stitching and blocky side design on the the shoe kills it :( that sucks because there probably really good hoopin shoes. maybe an all white with grey accents (a previous Melo colorway) would make it look decent (?)

  4. These are garbage, as all of Melo's Jordan releases have been, he is the like bastard child of JB or something, cause Chris Paul's kicks have been tight. Melo needs to switch to just wearing Jordan retro PE's like the rest of team Jordan does (except CP3). I agree with DJ, I HOPE D-Wade's shoes are better than this…

  5. You dudes can't be any hooper for real this shoe is hot, I will be coping a few pair,you young cats or sneaker heads as ya'll call your selfs , where the real cats at that rock jays and thier is a moment of your life attached to that shoe , that you are able tell where you were at and what you were doing the day that sneaker came out. The cats that leave school just cop some jays and rock them to homeroom. You young cats stop hateing and support some hall of fames and furture ones. The Jordan brand and shoes are always hot and ground breaking on what new an hot in sneaker. The sneaker world is alway look for a path to follow, but love that the Jordan brand always blazes a new one.

  6. i dont see whats so bad about this shoe but i wouldnt wear em and i agree with Duke Da God he should just rock retro's with the denver colorway

  7. mi only problem with these is that how being such a great player that carmelo is, i cant believe he would accept these shoes and would allow them to represnt him. theyre just to plain simple to me.

  8. Reggie, I've been wearing Jordans since 1987 when I was in kindergarten. I think my 22 years of wearing Jordans, plus the fact that I work in a urban shoe retailer qualify my opinion….


    The Melo M5 in White/University Blue was okay… couldn't get mad at it… same goes for the "001" M5 that was all black.

    This Melo M6 is GARBAGE. The shoe in the picture has double-stitching everywhere, and cheap laces. The colorway, and the Zoom technology are fine, but the architecture of the shoe just suck. I hate CP3, but the CP3.II will sell circles around this shoe even after the drop. That's fact.

    On a scale of 1-10 this shoe is a 3.5.

  9. these are nice but i do think melo deserves better signature shoes. they will probably look better in person the white carolina BLUE ONES look better though.

    Im a MELO fan I feel someone as good as melo should get shoes that match his game