Jordan Brand – Girls Summer 2011 Releases

Jordan Brand – Girls Summer 2011 Releases


If you thought Jordan Brand was only catering towards their male fans think again.

This Summer Jordan Brand is making sure they allow the ladies a chance to be fully laced with a number of new releases strictly available in petite sizes. So far the Air Jordan Retro 3 in white/crimson-grey, Flight 45 & Air Jordan 1 Phat Low have been made available. Also, a pair of Air Jordan 1 High’s will also release in the near future featuring canvas and denim uppers.

Personally, both AJ1 High’s look great!

Via Jumpman23

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  1. I am super sad whenever gs gets left out of that exulvsice shit!! It makes me so sad. And then my boyfriend always gets them and i just be jealous!! lol Quit hating on GS. Just cuz our shoes cost less doesnt mean we love our Jordans any less!!!