Jordan Brand 2012 Packaging

Jordan Brand 2012 Packaging



As Jordan Brand grew into a multi-billion dollar business, the brand decides to climb further up the ladder with fresh, new changes for the brand, starting with the packaging.

Next year, aside from the Air Jordan IV specialized packaging, Jordan Brand will be packing their kicks with a new box, extra large product labels, Jumpman logo and sizing sticker.

Let us know what you think of JB’s well over-due sneaker boxes.

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  1. who do I need to talk to at jordan brand, to ask to provide pics of the sneaker on the outside of the box, because i am sure there many sneakerheads out there that spend at least 5 mins looking for the kicks they wanna wear, a pic would help.
    p.s. what happen to the card that used to come with the retros!!

    • I’ve been wanting something like that for years now. That 5 mins going through the wrong boxes sucks. Shot out to killahcee for puttin that out thea.

  2. i worked at a sneaker store for 2 years so it only takes me a second to guess which box it is. Based on the name color code size of the box etc.
    Ya’ll need better organization skills so you won’t spend that long.