Jordan All Day – 2010 Spring Preview

Jordan All Day – 2010 Spring Preview


Jordan All Day – 2010 Spring Preview

The Jordan All Day is part of Brand Jordan’s Spring 2010 Performance Collection. The shoe features uppers comprised of all-leather or a flashy combination performance leather/patent leather. An Air Sole unit is embedded in the forefoot and the Jordan “Wings” logo resides below the shoe’s ankle collar. MJ’s Jordan All Day will release next Spring at $105 and be available in black/cement/red, white patent/navy, and white/patent black.

Jordan All Day – 2010 Spring Preview

Via The Shoe Game.

Jordan All Day – 2010 Spring Preview

  • Mike

    way to go JB, keep that garbage comin. wtf are they thinking.

  • King Jay

    They look aight just to play ball in tho, very light

  • King Jay

    First! they look aight just to play ball in tho, very light

  • CG*4

    I like these. there's something about these that just looks good. Nice ballin shoe. Looks good for a pg.

  • kuzgunkid

    these look jus like the melos…a no go

  • Mike n ike..

    those look like those nasty ass Melos they made.. lets just stick to retros n fusions? n more countdown packs with colors other than red/black/white

  • Sir TJ

    thot these were the melo's. dey str8 2 ball n.

  • Pat

    someone stop the madness

  • mr kennedy

    ugly ugly ugly

  • zjec

    complete and utter dog shit!

  • zjec

    there aight…i wouldn rock em, just mabey ball in em…idk wat but i like em

  • haiming

    no hate but everyone just thinks about the jordan look

    yes the look is important

    but but but

    how good you can ball in them is the main purpose

    remember jb is a basketball line

  • The REAL


  • Antonio

    Y'all some ingrateful motherfuckaz. 2010 is a good year I don't need to start naming the heat that's coming out so I don't care if trash comes out.

  • Pooh

    Ugliest shoes ever

  • H V

    looks lyk da melo m6 which are nasty…. just wish they had other colors which eventually will but at launch…. lyk nuggets colors and syracuse orange

  • D3M01 GU11AG3

    these shoes are trash nice shoe for homeless but i rock 5's 7's

    the originals no jordan pe