Jordan Aero Flight ‘Macho Man’

Jordan Aero Flight ‘Macho Man’



Who’s your favorite wrestler of all-time? Was it Mr. OOOOO YEAHH? Those were the golden days when wrestling seemed real. There were cage matches, Royal Rumbles, tables, chairs, and everything in between. Nowadays…oh nevermind.

This Jordan Aero Flight “Macho Man” shown today pays homage to WWF’s one and only “Macho Man” Randy Savage with a multicolored base that resembles many of the wrestler’s outfits. Using a white base and cool 2-D panels, this basketball shoe adds neon green, hot pink, and purple accents for an authentic look that only the Macho Man himself would approve of.

Check for the Jordan Aero Flight “Macho Man” to begin popping up at select retailers like Jimmy Jazz today.


  • Al

    OH YEAH!

  • John doe

    What a stupid paragraph. “Nowadays..nevermind”


    Shoe looks awesome tho!

  • anthony

    i agree with you john doe that was a stupid idiotic paragraph wrestling is more real than some people give it credit for is not fake it’s entertainment wwe is hot so put that on your pipe and smoke it haters

  • Billy

    WWE is gay now its all about the kids so yeah this generation of wrestling sucks

  • Danny

    Whoever wrote the description needs to get their facts straight. When macho man was around in the golden days in the 80s and early 90s. There WERE NO TABLES or use of many chairs. There’s more used now than ever besides the attitude era. So get your facts straight before you diss the wrestling industry.

    • Cognito

      On the contrary, Macho Man Randy Savage practically introduced tables as he piledrove Ricky Morton through a table in Memphis.

  • Danny

    And that’s a horrible shoe. That’s a macho man shoe??? Yeah right….

  • Yally


  • Rob

    This looks like something a major stoner would wear or someone who’s stuck in the 70’s.

    • John Deer

      Neon colors are from the 80’s

  • psh

    what about the tassles??

    macho man was the man tho

  • Adam

    Love it when wrestling fans try to act smart only to make themselves look like a fool. “Macho Man” actually debuted in 1973, so yes back in a day when it “seemed real”, as kayfabe in those days was respected to the utmost. Second, Randy got noticed for his style, which frequently included illegal weapons, thus his character as a wildman, unorthodox rulebreaker. Cheers to Cognito for knowing his or her history. As far as the shoe, great for a lady, but not a guy shoe. More black, neon green, maybe a badge of the shades, great. Also agrees, throw in some tassles.