J.R. Smith Fined $50K for Shoelace Stunt

J.R. Smith Fined $50K for Shoelace Stunt


J.R. Smith Fined $50K for Shoelace Stunt

Looks like J.R. Smith may want to find a new act especially after the league fined him $50k for his latest shoelace theatrics. On two separate occasions, Smith was caught fiddling with the laces of opposing players. It started with the untying of Shawn Marion’s shoe during the Knicks road game in Dallas. The most recent incident occurred against Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons. With his account now $50k lighter than it was, do you think J.R. has learned his lesson? Or is this just leaving the door open for him to do something even more idiotic? Check out the video below and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

via ESPN

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  1. It’s SAD AND DUMB that somebody as talented as JR is can’t be serious about being a PRO basketball player. The Knicks shitty attitude reflect on their shitty record. I like JR a lot but damn bro, this shit is STUPID… Smdh

  2. Seee told you man, you arent overseas no more JR!! Get it together man. All these talented players with injuries and you squander away 50k smh

  3. He can wright that shit off on taxes to get more money. On top of it it a joke ppl you acting like you don’t joke at work mf

  4. Fine the Harlem globetrotter s. so now ever time he waiting on a free throw rebound he’s going to be watched. What if he say hi momma. The camera is going to be on him anyway

  5. That’s nothing. Justin Quaresima was shooting free throws once and another player pulled his pants down. He was wearing blue jocks

  6. This shit is funny. It must be sad never laughing at anything. It must be painful having to be serious all of the time. It’s just a game. Why should he take it seriously all of the time? I guess dudes shouldn’t dunk and just do layups all of the time to guarantee that they score. No fun is allowed in the game of basketball. Get over yourselves.

  7. Stupid Thug!! He’s cursed for life all for getting that wackass YM (Young Money) tattoo on his throat, haha!!

  8. Wow this is stupid but if a superstar did it they wouldn’t get fine most likely the nba is trying to get money anyway they can

  9. He just playing witt his money that 50,aint shit, boy got so much ply money he can do tht 50-more times an want hurt.

  10. Shit I see some very angry post.Since he choose 2 fuck off his “pocket change” now u can’t get that loan u asked him 4,huh(calm down willya)??

  11. I’m not surprised,he’s a rich black man.people are waiting for these types of moments,feel bad for all rich black men in this country

  12. Pussy ass cheatin nigga. Such a coward he needs his ass whooped. He been caught do in this multiple times