The ‘Grey Toe’ Air Jordan 13 Could Return in 2014

The ‘Grey Toe’ Air Jordan 13 Could Return in 2014


The Grey Toe Air Jordan 13 Could Return in 2014

While we have a few colorways lined up for the Air Jordan 13 this year we could add another pair in 2014, the Grey Toe Jordan 13.

Originally, the Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe released in 2005 and took a couple days to sell out. Of course the hype for kicks wasn’t like it is today which means this pair is expected to have a quick sell out if they do release.

The 2014 Grey Toes use white tumbled leather on the uppers, grey leather lands on the toe box then runs up the tongue, although the 2005 pair featured white. Maroon runs through the midsole and finishes up on the heel.

We at Sneaker Files will keep you in the loop with more images and a release date when and if one becomes available.

Source: bilskii

  • Dre Mack

    Jasmine Campbell

  • Jasmine Campbell

    I want these Dre Mack

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    That pic is not the Grey toe tho ^^

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  • Rob Roz

    Those are fake!!! Real version has white tongue not grey!

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  • Eric Johnson

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  • Kelly Spring Poet Jones

    I had those same color I forget what year tho

  • Robert Bowers

    FAKES!!!! Authentic “Grey Toe” 13s have white tongues..

  • David Ruelas

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  • Mak Torious

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  • Angga Putra Aryanto

    nice. :)

  • John Ramirez

    These are freeken ugly ass shoes!

  • Martin Simpson

    The grey tongue doesn’t look as good as the original white one…

  • Kayy Vee

    This is a different year release. NONE of the shoes are the same when they get released again year’s later!

  • Babyflip Balcita

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  • Armando Medina

    Ruined it with the grey tongue

  • Brahaun Hard Knox Busby

    Horrible i want “GREY TOES” not grey uppers WTF “back to lab again yo”

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  • Terrill Powell

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  • Crystal Ward

    I remember them n that color came out in the 90s.

  • Yari Martinez

    That is so fucking true

  • Yari Martinez

    The real ones have a white tongue

  • Nitish Shokly

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  • Oscar Carrillo

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  • Chad Galvan

    Shoulda kept the white tongue. Jordan Brand grasping for money greedy bastards should limit retro releases to 1 per month at most.

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    Rhys blast from the past!

  • Lirad Ach

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