Footaction’s Flight 23 Has A Special Air Jordan Restock Set for All-Star...

Footaction’s Flight 23 Has A Special Air Jordan Restock Set for All-Star Weekend


Footaction's Flight 23 Has A Special Air Jordan Restock Set for All-Star Weekend

While there’s plenty of All-Star heat on tap to release this weekend, it looks like Footaction’s Flight 23 has something else in mind. After two successful restocks, it looks like another one is about to happen this weekend. Set to make yet another return will be the “Bred” Air Jordan 1 High OG along with the “Taxi” Air Jordan XII. Now that your shopping list is all out of whack, will you be trying to make a go at either one of these retros? Make sure you drop us a line in the comments section and let us know if you’re excited about this restock.

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  • Philip Rempe

    Matt Rempe

  • Danny Grigsby

    I would try but dont live in new york

  • Austin Monti

    Cane Hogg

  • Mekhi Cumberbatch

    Dio Khalifa

  • Cane Hogg

    Flight 23 is in NYC #FML

  • Costa Siozios

    Alain de Proost

  • Carlos Trujillo

    Jorge Vallejo

  • GregoryMcCook

    im a sneaker head but dont got time to wait in nobodies line over night or pay double from resellers.  I think its a slap in the face for the generation 1 hard working sneaker head.

  • albo856


  • Vistone Kingstone

    #jordan i

  • Zenaida Chavez

    Jose Chavez

  • Sweeney Bammer

    Jay C Vera ZeOh GtPaper Jorge Mateo

  • Christina Ervin

    Christopher Williams it’s that time of the year.

  • Christopher Iceberg Slim Williams

    Christina Ervin yes indeed

  • Bobby Paredes

    time for a trip to NYC

  • Ralph Constantino


  • Joseph Landry

    Way too many shoes coming out all star weekend. Fuckkk

  • Francisco Niniz

    Benito Hernandez

  • Chien Hau Chen

    Dawang Song一代黑紅色真的很好看!但是價錢真的也很奪命……

  • Charles Lescano

    poor NYC resellers…

  • Kerviz Urizar

    Its by raffle only. Tuesday and wednesday tickets will be given out. You get lucky and you get called you gotta buy them on Thursday. Only way to get em, you can’t just goto store and buy them.

  • Geakteam Demo

    What about in georgia

  • Anais Picazzo

    James Matthews

  • Tommy R King Jr

    Stacie Vialpando black and whites

  • Josyah S. Pen

    The Taxis !

  • Josh Vang

    Ben VangLy Vu

  • Greg Joslin

    Brad Coleman

  • John Carlos A. Ponce

    Aldrev Ven Dayrit

  • Larah Lah

    NYC only!? What the hell! :( Bryan Gonzales Capati

  • JustinDays

    Gotta get those

  • Rafael Duran

    Akila LaBoy

  • Brandon Sorensen

    People this is why if u want them you get them when they first come our

  • Angela Marzetta

    Already got both muahahahahahah

  • Yvonne Tall


  • Akila LaBoy

    ugh wen

  • Elizabeth Borges

    I want the 12s

  • Rafael Duran

    Click the link Akila LaBoy

  • Pearl Canales

    Dominique Yanez they restock them you should check it out

  • Timothy Banner

    I know you’re getting those kicks!

  • Les Wild

    I say restock across the land…Damn