Ewing Focus – White – Black – Grey

Ewing Focus – White – Black – Grey


Ewing Focus White Black Grey

2013 was indeed a great year for Ewing Athletics. With a list of rather notable retros and new colorways already under their belt, the brand the Patrick built is looking to strike one more time before the year is over. Pictured below is your very first look at this white, black and grey Ewing Focus. Having already released in its fair share of retro and new color schemes, this Spurs-inspired colorway is sure to pop up at retailers here in the states any day now. Just in case you don’t want to wait, you can head over to Titolo right now to place your orders. Check out some fresh shots after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Ewing Focus White Black Grey

Ewing Focus White Black Grey

Ewing Focus White Black Grey

Photos via Titolo

  • Isaac Hardin

    Amos Outling III you know you’d rock these

  • Chanel Cash

    Ramel Aultman

  • Omar Chavez

    Phillip Camilleri Daniel Chavez hhahahah

  • Tyron Fox

    Matt Dlo

  • Steven Faust

    Dope af

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  • Nyshima Johnson

    Yea these official!

  • Daniel Chavez

    Rompa stompas Omar Chavez

  • Omar Chavez

    It’s a ski boot Daniel Chavez

  • Pedro Maldonado

    They Look Nice!! I Remember The First One, The Black Ones, Really Dope ..

  • Ramel Aultman

    These firee

  • Chanel Cash

    I needs !! Ramel Aultman

  • Ramel Aultman

    When they come out I know a spot

  • Chanel Cash

    Idk lol but let me know

  • Brendan Carpenter

    Where can I get these?

  • Joseph Bell

    They still make these?! Where are they sold?

  • Chris Gottagetitrightbuddy Barbee

    I want I want I want!!!

  • Louis Valentine

    Where can I get these? Where are they sold at?

  • Lewis Cypher


  • Henry Govan


  • Shannon Shorter

    Stephen Hammiel what about these

  • Stephen Hammiel

    The Ewings yea I fuks wit doss

  • Justin Smith

    Didn’t like em den…n stil dnt…ugly

  • Jacob Jones

    SO ME!!