Eminem’s “The Way I Am” Air Jordan IV (4) Customs by DeJesus...

Eminem’s “The Way I Am” Air Jordan IV (4) Customs by DeJesus Customs


Eminem AJIV DeJesus

In 2008 we saw the release of the Air Jordan II inspired by Eminem and his hit, “The Way I Am” that blew up around the US and is an exclusive nowadays; however DeJesus Customs brought this theme back to life. DeJesus took the Air Jordan IV and gave it the same treatment as the II’s including the lyrics from the song throughout the upper as well as the grey body accompanied by hints of black on the sole and laces. The colorway and what this shoe represents is in comparison with Em’s talents, and they are both no doubt timeless.

Are you feeling the Air Jordan IV (4) “The Way I Am” customs by DeJesus Customs? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more customs and everything else sneakers!

Eminem AJIV DeJesus

Eminem AJIV DeJesus

Via @dejesuscustoms

  • Derrick Petersen

    These are sick

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    Justin Braddock

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    Shantel Davis

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    Edwin Castro

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    How get a pair !!!

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    For some reason i like those

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    Marcus Johnson

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    Lolo YellaStud

  • Lolo YellaStud

    Those are pretty fresh actually

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  • Derrick Petersen

    These hoes is nassty sickk

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    Stanley Phanor only wishes for sick swag like this

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    Carlos Gonzalez

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    Chris Lofton YSYWM!!

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    David Rowe

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    Where can I buy them

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    Fernando Martinez Jesus Fonseca

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    I want these bad!!! ❤️Please

  • Silvestre BM

    Watch Jordan brand “borrow” the design hahaha…

  • Dan Mears

    Kyle Rex

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  • Dan Mears

    Mike Salinas

  • Nicholas John Fueston

    Eww no

  • Ashley Gaitan

    Holy fuck I need these!

  • Stanley Phanor

    Jason Glidden u wish

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  • Karl Casimir

    these are beauties

  • Bryan Getonmylevel Campbell

    Gtfoh!!!!!! These r ugly AF!!!!! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again……they’ll put a swoosh or jumpman on a turd and half of u would think its “dope” or “nice” them shits ugly!!

  • Ro Lightup

    O my

  • Miles Wakefield

    Israel Alejo

  • Godwill Benjamin

    David Boterenbrood

  • Terence Jigg Louis


  • Emir Cuentas

    Reckneck shit

  • Waldysney Armenta

    Gay a.f fukk outta here!!!!!!

  • Angelo Landingin

    Wow! Nice kicks.

  • Dustin Harden

    Maybe in blue not red at all

  • Ricky Little

    Jess Kuntzelman

  • Christian Nava

    How much they?

  • Tha Ladiesluvme Dinkstress

    These dope af.. RealTalk

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    Not bad!!

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    Dylon Taylor so dope

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    Dylan Whitt

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  • Thatkid Alberto

    Them hoes ugly

  • Ralph Martinez

    He needs to stop making customs cause all shit is ugly

  • Mercy Glover

    those are terrible

  • Brandon Neff Binnie

    Jayquan Murphy Troyquan Westberry

  • Troyquan Westberry


  • Brandon Neff Binnie

    they are?

  • Aalissah Bostic

    Timm Green lets get these!!!

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    Wassup they hot

  • Aalissah Bostic

    U gone get em for me?!!?

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    Ight got you

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    Nick Real Bird

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    Forbes Gault-Teague

  • Forbes Gault-Teague

    they are sick, but wouldn’t wear

  • Alex Neon Kue

    They would look nicer if the mid upper was black instead of grey.

  • Jeremiah Seno

    Where can i buy that kind of shoes? XD

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  • Travis Schmidt

    Jeff Wetsel these r so hard I’d love to have a pair of these custom made

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    Tony I like these!(: lol

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    Finally my dreAM has came true

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    Holy fuck Derek Singer

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    Bharat Lotia

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    Likes if you already did this beautiful gesture of respect and reverence to their God, sometime in your life .

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    Ayoooo, I like em though…

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    Must hav.

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    Austin Carr

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    They’re wats up!!

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    Ugly as shit. Em couldn’t of had anything to do with this garbage

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