Dr. Martens – Spring 2010 Preview

Dr. Martens – Spring 2010 Preview


Doc Martens iconic 8-Eye boot turns 50 next year, and in order to commemorate the milestone, the model will see a bit of a reinvention. The seven vibrant colorways set to release next spring are certainly a change from the original 60’s black leather, the pallet including models in Navy, Red, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green — but the revamp is more than just a paint job. The boots use a new material for their uppers, a canvas-like water-resistant leather. The bright colors, canvas appearance, and white midsole/pipping, almost make the collection look like a fusion of Doc Martens and Converse Chuck All-Stars — a synthesis few would complain about. The highly anticipated boots are part of Doc’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, but don’t expect them to stay on shelves for long.


Via This is Naive

  • Chris Dean

    I used to have a couple of pairs of docs in junior high and high school. haven't really messed with them since. but i might have to cop the bright red ones. nice to see a little bit of change!!!

  • K2

    Doc's used to be HUGE back in my elementary days, like 17yrs ago (holy fcuk im getting old). Been contemplating a pair of Air Wair's for a while now but just haven't seen them catch on yet…