DJ Clark Kent x Nike Air Force 1 & Dunk High Available...

DJ Clark Kent x Nike Air Force 1 & Dunk High Available Now


We’ve already previewed and help build up the hype behind Nike’s “East vs. West” Rivalry Pack. Now we bring you PRODUCT. Two sneakers in the pack designed by DJ Clark Kent- the brown Air Force 1 Low’s and green Dunk High’s are both now available for purchase from very select Nike retailers fortunate enough to have received them. So check-in with your trusted Nike accounts- particularly online ones- if you’re fiending for one or both of these and haven’t come across them yet. DJ Clark Kent always delivers, so you’re sure to be more than pleased if you’re able to get your hands on either/both of these.



  1. Lanzaro's a hater. Rickzilla is uninformed … but no, they are not the same dunks in question. These aren't SB release, they're a different shoe but sick regardless; cop these joints ! Would be better without the gum sole though …

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