Discussion: The Discussion

Discussion: The Discussion



Here on Sneaker Files, we have discussed a multitude of topics on our weekend discussion threads over the past 6 months.

Some have been considered ‘lame’ while others were described as ‘epic’. We do our best to keep the passion alive within the community and only wish to open minds and embrace each other’s differences as our love for sneakers are what brings us all together.

This will be the final discussion we have here on the site and we would like to know your thoughts on how they’ve been for you.

Have you enjoyed them, which was your favorite topic and was there a topic we hadn’t discussed that you wish would have been?

In case you missed any of our previous discussions, here is a list of what had been discussed over the last few months.

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Discussion: Hate

Discussion: Camping for Kicks

Discussion: Hype

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Discussion: Exclusive Releases

Discussion: Where have all the Signatures Gone?

Discussion: Where are They Coming From?

Discussion: Custom Sneakers

Discussion: Loyal to a Fault

Discussion: Changes

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Discussion: Create Your Own

Discussion: Are They Legit if Nike Doesn’t Approve

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Discussion: Nike to Acquire Under Armour?


  1. Yes, they have been nice to browse thru on the weekend. And I have liked your website for years. My favorite topic has been about the early releases, and how sellers get them early. I was curious about it and why Nike allows it to go on when it’s so obvious.

  2. The discussions were cool. What makes a signature shoe and Remember when were my two favorites. I still don’t think most people understand what makes a signature a signature……

  3. Ofcourse u gunna gEt people that think it’s lamE they wanna hear about the yeezy 2,3,and 4 they wanna know what’s the next foamposite colorway that’s coming out what limited sb’s are coming out u know that hypebeast shit

  4. I agree with TGD as well. I was also wondering how these sites get their shoes early and whether or not to cop ’em early. “Camping For kicks” was also good one (Even though I’ll never do it now since I know 150+ sites out there). Even though I haven’t read ALL of ’em yet, but I will when I have time. My most favorite one was the “Discussion: Hate”. Which will hopefully open people’s eyes that Fusions are sneakers too. They may look horrendous, but their sneakers too. It’s funny how on sneakernews.com people will bash on a person who likes Fusions. Retro’s, Fusions, Nike’s, Adidas, etc. are all sneakers in my book. I wish there were more discussion topics sneakerfiles! And there is one I would like to add: “Sneaker World Vocabulary” (Thanks to “CrazyMTF) on the comment section: http://sneakernews.com/2010/08/07/collections-forever-fresh-professor-b-puma-clyde/ I’ve learned a lot through sneakernews & sneakerfiles: vocab. and sneaker history. Unfortunately, I don’t consider myself a sneakerhead, I’m an “Air Head”. I’m mostly into AF1’s, cuz I’m gonna take that sneaker and transform it to the next level. (I try to cop J’s too, but my shoe size is most common among “Jordan Heads”. Unless I had a connect)

  5. I think SF should keep Discussions going. It’s nice to see a blend between news and a bit of a open forum on the site rather than one or the other. I personally liked reading them…

  6. I look forward each weekend for the discussion. I usually reshare them on Facebook to give my friends some insight on the shoe. It has done some help others just think it’s dumb. I’m not sure if I had a favorite I personally liked all the topics. I and other sneaker heads would love to see you all continue these discussions.