Discussion: Hate

Discussion: Hate


Sneakerheads, in my opinion, are all united by sharing one common passion… sneakers.

So, why so much hate? You know what I’m talking about too… internet thugs, haters, dudes that beef with each other; over what, sneakers?!? Is it really that hard to get along nowadays; is the shoe game really that serious? One would think that after the history humans have shared with one another, throughout all the violence, segregation and hatred towards their fellow man… that we would all be able to set our differences aside for once and just focus on the one thing we happen to all agree upon, which is shoes.

Now, I understand completely that some people are just a**holes looking to cause some drama to make up for their own insecurities. Red vs. blue, black vs. white, none of this should matter anymore… not now, and never again. Its 2011 and people still find the time throughout their day to hate and start what is called ‘beef’ within their own community. Shouldn’t we be better than that by now?

Before you start to agree, or disagree, keep in mind that all of us have been guilty of this at one point in time. For example; you are standing in line at a release event to pick up some new kicks. Someone comes up behind you and they’re rocking some Fusions… and automatically you think the worst of them. How can they call themselves a Sneakerhead if they wear fusions! Guess what; Fusions are sneakers too… they may be horrendous, but they are shoes. This is a very mild example as YouTube, comments sections on blogs, forums (which are meant to bring us all together) and especially Twitter end up bringing out the worst in some of us for the entire world to see.

If greed is the root of all evil, jealousy and envy aren’t too far behind. Whatever the reason for the constant hatred and bashing on our fellow community members, maybe we should all be coming together and show the world how it’s done.

We are all here for one reason and one reason alone; we all LOVE sneakers… sneakers that come in many colors, shapes and sizes just like the people who wear them. When you are passionate about something, that something should be used to break the racial boundaries, social differences and allow us to understand that we are all one in the same.

What are your thoughts on hate; do you let it consume you or do you ignore it and move on? Are you one of those who choose to hate or are currently involved in a ‘beef’ that you have forgotten what had caused it in the first place?

At the end of the day, they’re just sneakers… Sneakerheads need to unite, not fight.

  • Fuckin A

    Wow this was a thought provoking article… to bad most people who visit this are to dogmatic outside of sneaker topics to engage in it.

  • IShaka

    Yo you gots a point but hey everybody got their own taste ….. I don’t hate on any man with doper kicks than mines at that time cause I already know I have an arsenal that can’t be touched. But you got the ignorant ones who talk just cause they like how they voice sound. And as far as internet thugs they real funny most of them are just punks who don’t have shit or niggas who get bullied. So plz ignore them. But a hater makes just go stronger the biggest inspiration . That’s how I look at it . Hate me all you want I only get stronger.

  • TGD

    The internet allows people to say hard, nasty and awful things about someone without any repercussions. Face to face, none of this nonsense would occur. Are the haters 14 year old kids who get picked on at school and have anger to release at the end of the day? No one will ever know. But its become a problem. The sneaker culture is becoming an embarrassment.

  • J crack

    F$$$ Internet bullies rock what you want when you want

  • Mark

    Telling man not to hate is like telling man not to, well, hate.

    Hatred is a part of live and its found in every community, not just the sneaker community.

    Everybody likes things and hates things, so there's nothing wrong with hating on something you don't like. I dislike rice burner Honda's, and I hate them on constantly. I hate the Yankees. I hate plenty of things.

    With that being said, hate the product, not the man. While I hate Honda's, my hatred towards them doesn't mean I dislike the guy behind the wheel. Why should my opinion on him be based on his likes. I'm not looking to date the guy like some female.

    Diversity is the spicy of life and I'm glad people are wearing things I don't like cause it means they aren't wearing the same thing as me. Hate away at what you don't like, but at the end of the day respect your fellow man no matter what his tastes are.

    There's not wrong with a good debate. Some people just take it to care and hold grudges like high school girls. Like i said, hate the product, not your fellow man.

  • FoampologyNJ

    Good article. It's really not that serious. Because at the end of the day we're all going to buy what we like regardless. The next man's opinion was not important when the sneakers were purchased. Therefore, it's a waste of time and energy to come out of pocket with negativity. It all boils down to one basic principle; 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. Just keep it moving because no one asked you for your input.

  • Doone

    One advise I learn from a pimp never pay attention to people unless its family, business or friends. I love keeping my kicks ds for a few years then rocking them so many neckbreakers and pouty faces i get. Haters keep me motivated to stay fresher then ever. Don't waste your time staring back or checking haters just let them do them and keep it pushing to true D-Boys its nothing yall!! GOOD TOPIC Sneakrfiles!!

  • Sean

    Good article.Its a shame that sneakerheads can’t get along.Honetly it stems from people being concerned with what the next person is wearing.As a sneaker head your not going to like what somebody else is rocking all the time that’s normal but to put that much energy(negative energy) into what another person has on their feet is down right stupid.I don’t pay for the next mans shoes so I could care less what they are rocking.Its like the old saying what you eat don’t make me shit .Every sneakerhead express their selves differently so what if you wouldn’t wear a particular shoe somebody has on.That’s why. I think outside of the box and could care less what the next man thinks.Most of the cowards who make these comments are miserable or don’t have a life.I could care less about a persons negative comments because everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t give them the privelge to over step boundaries with over the top disrespectful comments that with out the net they wouldn’t say those things to that persons face.Its like the saying you don’t have to like me but you will respect me.I was raised to give every person their respect until they revoke that privelge or over step certain boundaries.I love the sneaker culture because everybody has a unique outlook on sneakers and we all share that common goal the love and passion for sneakers.


    sneaker files keep doing ya thang!!!! i check this spot every day!!!!!! oh no need to hate on sneaker freaks…. if i see someone with a pair i dont have.. i simply say "My man those are hot"! THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN HATE FOR SLEEPING ON A PAIR OF KICKS. IF YOU WANT THEM GO FIND THEM AND PAY THE COST!

  • Central Bank

    To whom ever wrote this article….. I HATE YOU…. I HOPE U BURN IN HELL….

    thats all… now carry on

  • Charles

    Good article…I myself have been guilty of judging people who wear fusions….but im not gonna lie I was almost tempted to buy the grape fusion 5s on sale… they looked kinda fly with the matching apparel and I missed out on the actual grape Vs

  • AF1['82]Luv23['85]

    I agree with this article 100%! Sneakerfiles can u put this article on sneakernews.com? You'd be surprised to see on the comment section sometimes of all this hate to someone when he or she writes something about fusions. My own definition of a sneakerhead is: someone who collects variety of shoes (Not just J's and AF1's) If a person just collects J's or AF1's; they'd be considered: "Air Heads". (Like the candy brand haha) Just hope with this article, it changes peoples perspective and besides there's more to life than just sneakers!

  • J ArrA

    People rock wat they want to rock. I’m not the jealous type. I only type I envy someone cuz they got the shoes that I want, but that goes for everyone. I live in North Carolina so I never see that. I remember back 2004 I got in fake nikes Jordans bapes. I didn’t really care cuz no one will know if they were. I really don’t like that part of my life cuz dat was a waste of time and money so I told myself I would never rock fakes again. Nowadays I hate seein people that think they are fresh with fakes on. Because Nike and Jordan are putting so much out that some retros hit the clearce rack and they cost as much as fakes.

  • Mikle

    good article