Discussion: Early Release Vs. Retail Release Air Jordan XI (11) Cool Grey...

Discussion: Early Release Vs. Retail Release Air Jordan XI (11) Cool Grey Comparison


We have compared two Air Jordan XI Retro models in the Cool Grey colorway from 2010.

One pair came from VMVinc while the other is from Pick Your Shoes. If you don’t feel like watching a 40 minute long video detailing all of the small differences, we have quite a few images after the jump.

You can make your own decision as to what is authentic or not, we are not trying to sway you in any way shape or form… this is based off of the products that we happen to have in hand as we made a side by side comparison.

If you purchase early releases and are happy with them, that is all that matters.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts below.


  • M-ez

    Informative. Thx

  • LCHolland

    WHOA! Yeah, VMV, got straight B-grades. Pickyourshoes always been LEGIT.

  • J crack

    Good video feel same way won’t buy early release any more got mine for marqueesole but mine weren’t that bad as vmvinc the Jordan on mine was little chunky and size tag said 9/21/10 finish date and no stamp under sole either I’m don’t wastin my money on those early release

  • Arnel Espiritu

    don’t buy on that site!


    Man i been collecting since i was a freshman as well waited in line for the cool greys didnt get them went to marqueesole paid $250 and know i feel like an idiot. My box is a different shade of grey as well and the tags/dates differ from right to left shoe. Man never going to buy from marqueesole fake a** sh**s

    • J crack

      Thats the same shit that happen to me but my box was a dark shade of grey

  • Concord4eva

    Great read and view. Very informative and just goes to show that the old fashion camp out at retail stores is the only way to have peace of mind on legit shoes.

  • Samgoody

    Lmfao lmfao vmv Inc yur done start putting shit on sale couse nobody Gunna buy it lmfao selling 11s with 45 in the back lmfao lmfao big shout out to who ever got Concords from them lol



  • aces


  • Moe

    all ya early nikkas selling early shoes r finished.. ur fraud is up, true collectors like myself will never spend money with ya nikkas….

  • Tony McFly

    If any of you cats buy a pair of kicks from 1 of those “early release” sites don’t go through PayPal to get your money back because they send you on a wild goose chase. Call your bank or credit card company and as them for a charge back because you were sold a fake product when the website clearly states that they sale authentic shoes and what-not. This gets you your money back in no time and flag the website from selling fake shit.

  • aces

    damn. vmv were very respected till now. thank god i never bought from them. ya should also check out air-randy,marquee sole basically all of the real early release sites. cause i bet 9 out of 10 are just like vmv. its time to crack down on all these fake ass sites.

  • MJC720

    VMVinc is horrible. I ordered the Space Jams from them back in 09 around August-Sept of 09, its the last time I will ever buy early release again. The box was beat up, there was no carbon fiber paper, just some plain white paper, the markings on the box were different and the worst part about them, the “jumpman jordan” strip on the tounge was BEHIND the laces, not between them. Luckily, there was a big demand for the space jams so I was able to sell them on eBay advertised as B Grades and still almost make my money back, but still, never again. I don’t know who’s heard or not, but Air Randy recently had his site hacked which launched an investigation into his business, and from what I’ve seen/heard, he is out of business. His site was also overrun with B Grades and variants. Someone mentioned marqueesole, they are also super B Grade/variant, a buddy of mine bought the cement 3’s last Novemeber (they came out this past January) and they came in super small, unmarked Jordan box with no hangtag, foldout or elephant print paper…and the kicks were painfully variant, they almost looked like low tops!

    • J crack

      Hell yea when I order my Bordeauxs for them they sent them in the Orine7 box

  • Javier_tx_teacher

    yeah i bought the concords from kixcrew and everything looks perfect i checked and checked and was so happy…but then i saw that it says JOQDAN on the tag…something so small but def bgrade….i think im done with buying early

  • tayslay

    bgrade – ha funny – more like FAKE GRADE

  • Lem

    As the saying goes, “Anything worth having is worth waithing for.”

  • yungballyboy

    sheeesssshhhhh, glad i stayed onllne for footlocker. got 2 pairs DS, wrapped up. gunna buy like 3-4 of da concords dis yr.

  • inkvirgin

    That is crazy.. This is why I started falling off the sneaker game.. It’s over hyped