Did You Get the Air Jordan Retro III “Black Cement”?

Did You Get the Air Jordan Retro III “Black Cement”?


Did You Get the Air Jordan Retro III Black Cement

The Air Jordan Retro III “Black Cement” finally released after such a long wait. The “Black Cement” 3’s are for most Jordan-heads, the very best in the prestigious Air Jordan line. Of course Black Friday is a hectic day for shopping for any type of merchandise. Were you able to snag a pair? Did you have to camp? Let us know by sharing your experience on getting or maybe not getting the Air Jordan Retro III “Black Cement”. 

  • Calixto

    2 pairs one to rock and to my DS collection because money ain’t a problem.

  • Jordan Casey

    Well, I was unaware that stores were opening at midnight for the
    Black cement release, because of all the confusion caused by black Friday antics, so at 6 am when I arrived at the mall, all the cement 3’s in my size were long gone.

  • Jay

    Got mine. No camping, no lines, no sellouts! Living in Europe is a huge advantage.

    • Seuok720

      What part of Europe bro

      • Louie Louie Louie

        the part of europe, you can’t get to…bro…hahahahaha

  • Joe

    Copped my TWO pairs off of nike.com no line no wait! One to wear one to put on ice!!

  • Thomas

    camped for the first time for any shoes, for 3.5 hours, but the shit was fun. i was with alot of friends, first in line, first to get em, my towns news paper interviewed me asking abunch of questions, now im in the news, i was the only one the interviewed and made the sunday paper. SWAG

    • ray

      u a hypebeast bitch

      • Louie Louie Louie

        ray, what the hell is your problem with the dude enjoying living the sneaerhead experience? I would love to do that sometime if such thing was possible here in Mexico…#envybeast#



  • jose

    I showed up and 3:45 and picked them up.. Some time there an advantage to having a size 13 foot.

    • dre

      try that for the concords bet you wont get them. lol.

  • B_Tys

    I got to the mall at 8:45, come to find out it didnt open until midnight so we waited and i live in Columbus Ohio and its dumb cold here… Alot more people came and it got super crowded the police officer and mall owner came and opened the door and EVERYBODY took off running lol.. But i got my pair Sz 12 baby.

  • rdiaz23

    i had 2 pairs on ice and 2 online (lucky ass hell) but my homies werent lcky enough and because camping out is a experience shoe heads love i went with them to the mall we started camping out @ 900 we got in line were one of the first 5 and some little kids tried to cut but no way in hell that went down luckily we all got the sizes we needed but seeing ten people trying to get through the same door was funny. now its time to plan concord release

  • Phil

    I went to the mall about 6:00pm on black friday & just asked for my size & bought them…no line, no wait, no nothing

  • muzicman

    I bought mine on Nov 20 for $200 flat that’s about $15 extra. Plus I picked up the Passport & Blackout SB Dunks also I bought the Total Foamposites from Nike.com thank you Nike.

  • Malcolm

    Yes I did..me and my girl waited 2 hours and were the first two to copp

  • Dan Gleesack

    Forgot about the time difference where I go to college and went online to find out they were sold out… crap haha can’t decide if it’s worth spending the extra money

  • Chad

    I got smashed the night before, Woke up too late and was late online and missed out and didn’t get them, but then I heard that pa doesn’t sell out as quick, so I went to pa and got there the second day they were out and still was able to copp a size 11.5 and a size 13, sucks dick I’m a size 10.5. Anyone wanna trade if this happened to you and need a size 11.5 or 13 halla back

    • jamie

      haha i was in pa for the true blues and i just walked in that afternoon and they had a full size run

  • JETLifer

    i was lucky to get 2 pair. waited at tha mall from 2 am till tha mall doors opened at like 4:20 am. i was first in line outside tha mall of about 100 people!then sprinted to footlocker after they opened tha doors and was first in line at fl!

  • Jedijo

    No line, no camping out, and got a discount cause I have the knect at a shoe store… Lol

  • S.Beezy

    My girl works at the Mall so she bought my pair before the mall even opened..
    Im just glad i didnt have to camp out with the crazy Black Friday Shoppers.

    • air jordan nut

      u know u wanted to say with the crazy black shoppers.

  • YO

    Got a pair around 10am at the nike store. Went back the next day (Sat) and they still had them so I bought four more pairs for family and friends at a discounted price try ummmm $80.00 a piece. #Winning#

  • David

    ^^^hahaha lmao bull****!

    • YO

      Nike employee store!!!!

  • Mike

    Didnt even expect to get them, walked in Finishline at like 12:30 AM on black friday, no line, no wait or nuthin, just a bunch of Bums in the mall and in Finishline looking at em Hahaha not rocking em for who knows how long! I Jus UNDS my Metallics to wear to get the cements hahahaha

  • Sneaker King 844

    All because of my boy Harry and his family,he allows me to prepurchase my pair before release day at his shop and he holds my pair for me until they come out.I made sure I got a pair for my nephew as well because the holidays are here.I hate camping out for kicks and Harry is my solution to prevent that from happening and I still get it for MSRP

  • mickb

    no line no camping out my friend works at finishline told him to hold me a pair walked in paid and i was out ima do the same thing when the concords realese

  • KemontayMc.

    COPPED @12:oo on tha dot

  • air jordan nut

    got mine 2 days b 4 thanksgiving 4 200$ but thats kool no line no waite iss allways the bizz plan on gettn my 11s the same way pay the 200$ and b done