Copper Nike Foamposite – Penny

Copper Nike Foamposite – Penny


Nike Air Foamposite One - Dirty Copper

The Copper Nike Foamposite Penny Nike Air Foamposite One will definitely be one of the more popular sneakers from Nike’s prestigious basketball line. This year, we have already seen the Eggplant Foamposite release and a preview of the upcoming Pearl Foamposite. We now have a first look at the copper colorway which hosts a full copper upper with black accents seen on the lace region and carbon-fiber plate, while the sole is fully translucent. The icey sole of the Copper Nike Foamposite One is definitely one of the most sought after aspects of a sneaker, and will be an integral part of this pair’s success. The Nike Air Foamposite One – Dirty Copper is rumored to release in February 2010.

Via NT.

Nike Air Foamposite One - Dirty Copper

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  1. are yall serious, jeez don't just buy stuff cuz its foamposites! a wack colorway is a wack colorway and this is def not 1 of their better 1s.

  2. The picture isn't the actual shoe, so I would cop if the have more of a metallic look in person, the pic just isn't doin it 4 me. They should of went with a Green colorway.

  3. meh i think these might be some look better in person type joints. dunno we'll see. kryptos, eggplants, and pennys r it for me wit the foamposits, also the all gold foamposite cleats

  4. usually i dont dothis but………… yeah i want these but i think they should come out in november.

  5. These are a SP2010 Release. Feb 2010 :)

    I kinda pictured these to be darker. Which I'm sure will be the case when pictures of the actual shoe come out.

    Sorta like the eggplants, we knew they were purple, but they were a dark purple.

  6. Do not knock this colorway! Do not claim to be a Penny fan or a fan of his shoe and not respect the color of a penny. Pennies in your pocket are COPPER. These are copper. These are the absolute epitamy of what the Penny's should be. I have to have these because of the head turning qualities but ALSO because of what they mean. Penny colored Pennies. Duh!!