Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Wale Pulls Out Nike LeBron X (10) ‘Cork’

Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Wale Pulls Out Nike LeBron X (10) ‘Cork’



 Wale does it again! Minus the soaring success of his new Folarin mixtape out now, the DMV artist still finds time to stun the sneaker world with rare kicks.

This time around, Wale pulls out the unreleased Nike LeBon X (10) “Cork”. No worries, you can try your luck at the limited edition signature next month when they become available to the general public on February 23, 2013.

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  1. Wale is the biggest known hypebeast, this fool wears any and everything no matter what they are or look like. IDGAD what nike sends me, if I don’t like it Im NOT wearing it.

  2. I agree, he wears w/e and tries hard to match his ugly sneakers too… Look at all the related posts… He looks like a fool in all

  3. This guy had a lot of pair of shoes way before he was famous and even was an active poster on NT a long ass while ago. How this guy considered a hypebeast I don’t see. However I do agree some of the shoes he wears don’t really match him and sometimes I feel he tries too hard. But to each his own.