Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Hulk Hogan Shares His Latest Air Jordan Pick-ups

Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Hulk Hogan Shares His Latest Air Jordan Pick-ups



Hulk Hogan swags his way into the new year with two new Air Jordan pick-ups. As he’s been flexing on the net for quite some time now, many still have raised eyebrows directed at the former professional wrestler who’s found a new life in sneakers.

This time around, Hulk Hogan shows off the Air Jordan III (3) “Bright Crimson” and Air Jordan V (5) “Bel-Air”. How could you be mad at this? It’s actually quite amusing as Hogan is just as serious about his sneaker game as you are about yours. The thing is, many just have a hard time believing that he has “heat”.

Whatever the case may be, stick around with Sneaker Files for more things Hulk Hogan and more Celebrity Sneaker Watch news.



  • Maxi Kueng


  • Miguel Guevara

    Takin pics of tha shoes or you, lookin ass they go on your feet not flexin lol

  • ofo

    rich dum a$$…ain’t nobody care

  • Silvestre BM

    FREE J’s from Jordan brand.

  • JJ Nelson

    He doesn’t have any heat… Hypebeast flexin because he gettin every brand new jordan that hits retail LMAO

  • Kane Beard

    Troy Beard your j’z on the left ??

  • Jesus Villanueva

    Living legend

  • David Luketich

    OK brother

  • Silvestre BM

    Must be nice receiving FREE J’s from Jordan brand.

  • Larry E. Jacquett

    How do we know if that’s really him

  • Jom Quizon

    jordan 3 crimson.