Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Carmelo Anthony Has A Moment With His Jordan Melo...

Celebrity Sneaker Watch: Carmelo Anthony Has A Moment With His Jordan Melo 1.5



Prior to the start of last night’s New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets match-up, Carmelo was in the house for an exclusive Jordan Melo 1.5 #RiseToTheMoment to honor Carmelo Anthony and the sneaker that started it all for him, the Jordan Melo 1.5.

During this Jordan Brand event, Melo was spotted in front of the cameras holding his signature shoe which dons a “Knicks” colorway. A precious moment in itself, could this be the beginning of a triumphant return to center stage? Are these kicks coming sooner than expected?

As many of us are curious, we’ll definitely let you know when a release date is announced!

  • Marquel Thakiddmarmar Smith

    then melo 1.5 were and still so sexy i still got my pair in my closet

  • Kevin Walley

    They are ugly

  • Brandon Johnson

    One of his best shoes

  • Michael Allen

    Trade Melo… hes leavin NY anyway… at least get somthin for him

  • ITrust MeOnly


  • Suga Shayne E-Wang Miller

    Them shits weak

  • Beltins Blay Anaman

    Best kicks 4ever

  • Oscar Sorriano

    They look like filas Lmfao

  • Francis Chin

    ugly ass shoes…

  • Ellis Dewayne Sample

    I’m diggn them wish they wud release tha melo’s 2 with tha knicks colors

  • Donovan Smith

    Montez Faggins these are no good

  • Fly Guy Creed

    Shits Ass But Not Him

  • Chuck Lasam

    Merk Anthony DelaCruz Francisco

  • Brian de Leon

    Them ol ugggleeee ass shoes, look like old “and1’s”

  • Paul Santos

    If only the Melo’s team was good as his shoes

  • Nemes Prod

    Yesenia Castellan Ortega look at his right hand, told you he was P.R.

  • Nestor Garcia


  • Anparito Luevano

    Are you kidding me No other player besides Jordan him self release a dope as shoe. I still have these joints in the classic Nuggets Colorway.

  • David Darfstar Mapson

    Them shits was real he need to bring them bac out

  • Nathan Navarro

    My first pair of jays. Had em in the white n blue. Classic nugget color way :) them some dope ass kicks!

  • Khalid Hanapi Abdula


  • Lans Martin

    Effen shoes… Win a game…

  • Jonathan Alvarado


  • Keeshe Harris


  • Michael Allen

    Correction Nathan Navarro…. those arent Js!! Those are Carmelos…. get it together!!!

  • Seydou Ali


  • Quinten Rivers

    Them Shit’s is FIRE !

  • KiNg Stephen

    He needs to get traded seriously. Waste of talent.

  • Almasri Joseph

    he wore it yesterday against Celtics love

  • Freckaveli Zod

    We need you in the Lakers line up.

  • Alessandro Lentola

    Stefano Lentola

  • Sourav


  • Ron Box Mayfield

    I need them

  • Etosha Johnson

    Very nice

  • Travis Bradley

    U kno da size Melo,

  • Shaq R. Mackey

    Melo tbh you’re not even in the sneaker race. Your kicks used to look good. Not anymore

  • Angel Chiles

    Never would wear them

  • Dbh Manifess

    Funny, that’s how many games he showed up for.

  • Anthony Johnekins

    I Rather Cop Da Old Melos Be Fr I Blink At Dez Shyt

  • Gaona Eden


  • Imani Wright

    I’ll buy them!

  • Rome C Hall

    I rock melo’s next to Jordans. Retros

  • Luis Diego Morales Robles

    wua a cuanro esos enis

  • Golden Thunder

    Them shits aint gone improve ur record. …Lmao

  • Enrique Martinez

    We should trade u??

  • Tommy Houston

    Y’all just got blew out by Boston!!!!! You shouldn’t be allowed to wear anything with that logo……

  • Dylan Rodriguez


  • Isaiah Miller


  • Jay Masterson

    cant sell shoes so he paired up with jordan

  • Gerard Brower

    These are ugly and terrible.

  • Widely Horace


  • Deeboe Perez

    Saying, “They arent J’s, they’re Carmelo’s” is like saying “it’s not a Chevy, it’s a Camaro”.. ??

  • Dairick Best

    Get yer own damn shoe!

  • Ricco Lang

    Had the red and white ones will cop again for sure

  • Deshaun Deshaun

    Dem hoes. Ugly

  • Marcus Willis

    That is mello’s shoe, idiot