Carmelo Anthony Rocks the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan 12


Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Last night for the “Big” 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray screening, Carmelo Anthony stepped out rocking the upcoming “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan XIIs. While the shoe isn’t scheduled to hit retailers until next week, it comes as no surprise that he already has the kicks in his possession. Even though Russell Westbrook rocked his first, it’s all a win for team Jordan if you ask us. Read on after the jump to check out some more shots of Melo out and about and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

Carmelo Anthony Rocks the Gamma Blue Air Jordan 12

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  • Armondo DelVecchio

    I need those!!

  • KJ Ygr

    I’m so thirsty for them but I gotta pass on em

  • Jason Glidden

    Stanley Phanor melo lucky

  • King Ali

    here we go again smh

  • Andres Rios

    Boo the red jump man throws it off

  • Cyrous Dehghan

    Taxi is better

  • Chasmyn Jane

    Eh. They’re not that nice.

  • Mark Anthony Cortez

    Them gamma taxis are sick

  • Johnathan Rivera

    Remember I’m a size 10

  • Lateef Alves-Ray

    Lauren Scales

  • Fern Torres

    And looks like a moron in em…..

  • Stack Gardner

    Ooo kill em tht joints ill

  • T.c. Milli


  • Michael Watkins

    Lmao @ Gamma Taxi’s^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Ryan Veach

    Damn I wonder if his are “B Grades” too?

  • Ryan Veach

    Lol@ Mark Anthony Cortez. The Gamma Taxis? Come on man

  • Rocco Gartner

    Lol dude said gamma taxis…

  • Bryan Walker


  • Wilford Hughes

    I kinda like those kick … Kinda

  • Black Polo Logo

    Dem hoes are too fly sux ass that IM not getting them

  • Jeffrey Lopez

    Looks fresh on display like this but not as good on feet

  • Joshua Ortiz

    Ajenee Chisolm

  • Terrence T-Bone Terry Goodman

    Definite cop!!

  • SJ Junior

    George W Schmidt IV on feet

  • Ryan Veach

    I’d rather have the Oreo Vs over these 12s.

  • Tereshia Fell

    My boy stay flee.

  • James Anderson


  • Joe Harkins

    Everybody was shit talking these when the first pics came out. Now Carmelo is wearing them and everyone wants them, GTFOH. They are a def cop, but they’ve been for me from the first pics released. Get of the athletes dicks

  • Joe Harkins

    Ryan Veach, already got em!

  • Rufus Atkin

    Really need those shoe

  • Eugenia Queenofhearts

    Nah…not impressed at all

  • Vick Saucedo


  • Jonathan Noel

    hot garbage

  • Fly Guy Creed


  • Gervin Joshua Salazar


  • Ronjansen P Solis

    wow ganda na jordan ha like

  • Macho Motts Savage


  • Duane Martin

    Nice but the 11s are spittin on em

  • Christian Louie Romero

    Hmmmm i like. Broke again

  • Justo Jackson

    Who fuckin cares you are all stupid for buying these shoes #preach

  • William Fleetion

    My fav j’s

  • NayRay Baldizzi


  • Cedrick Wileystyle Wiley

    Mariah Lovly

  • Lisa Scott

    Yuk. 11’s are better.

  • Philipp Ryan Nocon

    Ugly shoes

  • Donovan Smith

    Tez Mcloven

  • Lijah Phillips


  • Michael Samuel

    Messias Loiola

  • Shifa Naaz

    wow so amazing makeup transform i have never seen this before :O>>

  • Bronwyn LouisedonovanSchroeder Elizabeth

    I love to watch too…

  • Christian Mills

    But…. They ugly tho? -_-

  • Tianli Jia


  • Keon Moser


  • Nakeia Jones

    Is they only coming out in men?

  • Crystal Sierra

    Kaylaa Sanchez

  • Kaylaa Sanchez

    2 More days :’)

  • Cynthia Luvz You

    Lalaa Capers your copping these ?

  • Youce L’Algérois

    Sexy QM MelOdy !

  • Andrea Sotelo

    Alejandro Zenteno ^o^ these

  • Mark Jeffries

    regular jordans + aqua blue sharpie=$200 gamma blue jordans

  • Alejandro Zenteno

    Andrea Sotelo those are uglyy

  • Andrea Sotelo

    Your ugly -.-t cx Alejandro Zenteno

  • Cashus Moore

    Them bitches will b in my closet the 11s nasty them bitches look like space shoes and 170 that’s cheap

  • Alejandro Zenteno

    Thanks! Andrea Sotelo C;

  • John Rose

    If they will make him play better which I doubt. That’s good how he has enough money to buy a new pair everytime they come out UNLIKE the rest of us. He should be handing some pairs out to less fortunate children. He shows out like we don’t know he has money, and can afford anything… what a loser.

  • James Earl Abrogueña


  • Diane Mcintee

    I want these 4 my grandson and bros.

  • Gregory Graham

    Ugly the taxis were much better

  • Mary Adebayo

    It looks ugly on big feet

  • Mary Adebayo

    The 11s are way better

  • Christopher Mitchell

    U jus broke nigga lmao

  • Gontse Bankajuju Sebothoma

    I nid thz 4 ma present

  • Justin Griffin

    Them is dope

  • Charles McHargue


  • Garrett Brown


  • Justo Jackson

    Not even stupid ass

  • Rufus Atkin

    I needs

  • Destiny Merus

    I got them shoes yoooooooooooooooo

  • Addy Flores


  • Kevin Aaron Maxwell

    hoyas love u too.

  • Kianna Forte

    Thanks u Camelo i will sleep on these ugly thangs!

  • Kianna Forte

    hahah Gamma taxis…. no just Gamma 12’s

  • Mark Anthony Cortez


  • Marquisthebigfellabackout Brown

    Dope as fuc

  • Kim Davis

    Them hard

  • Jamaul Mismewiddatbs Mitchell

    This colorway is no! Lol!

  • Mary White

    Ha ha ha ha..

  • Leonel De Santiago

    This nigga “gamma taxis” haha you dont know nothing about shoes Mark Anthony Cortez

  • Costin

    where i can buy? love it!

  • Iamz Poppinz

    Tiffany Arrington wait but if Melo rocks them…. I change my mind :))

  • Tiffany Arrington

    Lol that’s cute Iamz Poppinz.