Brandon Jennings Under Armour – Young Money – ProtoTypes

Brandon Jennings Under Armour – Young Money – ProtoTypes


Brandon Jennings Under Armour - Young Money - ProtoTypes

Brandon Jennings has returned from his transatlantic hoops pilgrimage to compete in NBA Predraft Camps with the cream of the NCAA’s 2009 crop. The 6’0 LA native signed with the burgeoning Under Armour camp last Fall and will sport these exclusive black/yellow/white “Young Money” Prototypes during evaluative workouts over the next few weeks. The shoe’s predominantly perforated mesh upper is balanced by splashes of patent leather at the fore and rear. Armour’s shield logo is burned onto the middle panel and BJ’s “Young Money” moniker is stitched diagonally, left to right on the padded ankle collar. These are custom exclusives, and will not be for sale to the public. Via Dime.

Brandon Jennings Under Armour - Young Money - ProtoTypes

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  1. Idk what every1 is thinkin… For the 1st pair of ball kicks, not the worst design I've seen… The worst part of them is the fact the only white is at the bottom of the shoe, color coordination is a low point, yet kicks are worthy to be on shelves for no more than 70…

  2. I think the shoes look tight. And I know if it was the same design with a Jordan logo on it everyone would be saying "coped"

  3. @J2Legend most retarded logo placement ever? i dont thinkso ive seen some pretty wierd placements on some other shoes but at least the logo is on the inner side of the shoe.

    @Kicks Genius your right not bad for a 1st pair but they should of put some white either where the yellow stitching is or make the laces yellow and they wouldnt be that bad

    @Not Lebron your right thats exactly what i thought when i saw these Zoom Soldier 2

  4. These actually look exactly like the Kevin Garnett and1 model from a while back. I really liked that shoe but it sold like crazy. So everyone hating do you homework. Besides, they really aren't that bad. For a kid who is 1 year out of High School, He made a great descision and is the focal point of a growing basketball line in an upstart athletic compny. Remember, these are his first, not his last.

  5. I agree with 0950. If it had a Jordan logo, people would be going crazy like they have to wait in line or make some stupid comment about "rocking" them with a fitted or a stupid jersey.

    They look like orthopedic shoes in the back with the huge white foam.