BBC/Ice Cream Spring 2010 – Drippy Sneaker


    A preview of the Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream Spring 2010 catalog has finally been spotted online, the most relevant part to us sneakerheads coming in the form of a new Drippy Sneaker. Featuring a yellow canvas upper, the simple silhouette sits a top a tantalizing two-tone ‘drippy’ midsole. Similar to the BBC Waffle from January ’09, this model utilizes a bolder color pallet of yellow, light green, and navy to really bring out the shoe’s potential. The sneaker, along with the rest of the BBC Spring 2010 catalog, is scheduled to drop this Saturday, January 2nd, at the BBC/Ice Cream flagship store in Tokyo.

    Via High Snobiety


    1. a year ago i would think nobody has seen this before and that makes this style kind of edgy, different and new. unfortunately due to the circumstances of corporate exploitation they've made so many low quality goods/fakes with this style it has become worthless and holds no value in street fashion.

      any company can make a pair of shoes that look like these. i agree with alahbert, are all out of fashion until they reinvent their style because too many people have copied them now.

    2. Welll, I would agree that BBC/BAPE/ICE CREAM have been copied to death whether fake or real. There is still some Ice Cream and BBC apparel I would rock. I have no interest in BAPE anymore – would completely agree that line has lost all meaning.

    3. I love how everyone says that this has been "copied to death" and they need to reinvent their style." There was never anything original about this shoe. It's a slightly altered Chuck. Always has been and always will be. But because there's a big price tag and dudes mention in their songs, people want to cop. The shoe was and always will be wack. Same goes for Bapes. Quit bitin'…