Battle of the Kicks: Air Jordan 11 vs. Jordan Future

Battle of the Kicks: Air Jordan 11 vs. Jordan Future


Battle of the Kicks Air Jordan 11 vs Jordan Future

Set to debut this Saturday, the Jordan Future model has made quite a splash since it first popped up on the scene. Borrowing design elements from the iconic Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Jordan XI, these kicks are sure to be a hot commodity this weekend. Before they release, we’ve got another interesting sneaker battle for all of you sneakerheads to weigh in on.

Pitting old against new, both the “Infrared” and “Glow” Jordan Future colorways go head to head with the “Bred” and “Space Jam” versions of MJ’s classic shoe. Are you digging the new school flavor? Or would you prefer to kick it old school? Check out the comparison photos after the jump and let us know which models you are rolling with in this tag team battle.

Battle of the Kicks Air Jordan 11 vs Jordan Future

Battle of the Kicks Air Jordan 11 vs Jordan Future

Battle of the Kicks Air Jordan 11 vs Jordan Future

Battle of the Kicks Air Jordan 11 vs Jordan Future

Photos via gc911

  • Huntboi Hunt


  • Christopher Almando Williams

    Future please and thank you.

  • Rayshard Crayton

    Futuristic swag

  • Blac Tyme Line Thomas

    Ugly shits

  • Antonio El Patron

    those futures are nice. time for something new!!!

  • Kǎi Wén Belgrave

    Ugli shit wtf

  • Sebron Byrd

    Tight but no comparison to the space jams

  • Eddie Redice

    those futures are dope but they arent worth no damn 185 theyre too plain jane

  • Matthew Roberson

    11’s ultra easy.

  • Lex_407

    I’m definitely feeling the Future Glow ones more than the Breds. I’m digging the new look. But what you like.

  • Kevin Smith

    If the future had a jumpman somewhere visible they would be hot. But I still might cop. I don’t get retros no more. I should have to pray I win a lottery to get a pair of kicks

  • Don Giovanni

    Jordan future

  • Trey Jordan Fair


  • Angel Soto

    Who ever chooses the future is a hype beast. Breds all day. A classic shoe

  • Michael Kristensen

    Breds no question about it

  • George W Schmidt IV

    Breds SJ Junior

  • George W Schmidt IV

    Antonio Cobb??

  • George W Schmidt IV

    Paul Leveque??

  • Reece Wright

    Josh-Anthony Brown

  • Almonte Alex


  • Xavier Dierolf

    I think equal but if i had to chose one breds cuz they classic

  • Anthony Becerra

    Is this even a valid question?

  • Antonio Cobb


  • Milton Campbell

    Jorden 11

  • Zachariah Thomas Dixon


  • Beavis Turner

    first time I seen people actually liking the Future. ha its funny as they got closer to releasing they started to “grow on people”. yall are funny. im done buying new releases for a while. yall can have that new shit, now I know why Curren$y said, I feel bad for these new cats, they letting they feet get the proper feel to them. they aint feeling what it used to be. and that is premium shit.

  • Brad Ganoe

    The 11s

  • M Danao Dakis

    il wear this but not in a game day. (casual wear)

  • Wade Abuan-Hayes

    Right ones!

  • Alfonso Reina Vidal

    stan vacanos los Jordan Future

  • Jay Davidson


  • Donnell Whitlock

    11s…the 11s are so ill that the futures had to steal the soles

  • Darnell DîrtySprîte Johnson


  • Edgard De La Cruz

    Just not fair. XI’s all day long!!!

  • Jonathan Cardona


  • Timothy L Gregory


  • Jason Guenthner


  • Frank Joseph Carrington V

    Who thought of this !!! Come on the 11’s

  • Jrake Lopez-Vito

    Mac Tupas

  • Chris Webb

    Lindsay Graves them bred 11s on the right fux with em

  • Lindsay Graves

    That’s always been my favorite pair of Jordan’s Chris Webb

  • Jaime Moreno

    Ashley Parris

  • Percy S. Garcia


  • Kiera ‘Conchetumadre’ Lucas

    No competition 11’s all day

  • Jason Morningstar


  • Ronald Divino Estella

    aj11 for me

  • Trey Anderson

    How can u compare them? 11s of course. Best shoe ever

  • James Moore

    The 11s by far,the other ones look like moon boots