Aqua Air Jordan 3 Custom by Raleigh Restorations

Aqua Air Jordan 3 Custom by Raleigh Restorations


Aqua Air Jordan 3 Custom by Raleigh Restorations

What do you get when you mix the Air Jordan 3 and a popular Air Jordan 8 model together? The Aqua Air Jordan 3 custom by Raleigh Restorations.

The Aqua customs are on point and 100% represent the Air Jordan 8. Further more if you see the tongue, this is not a patch but the artist actually hand painted.

Raleigh Restorations did an excellent job and it would be something if Jordan Brand saw this and decided to release something similar.

Aqua Air Jordan 3 Custom by Raleigh Restorations

  • Daveon Dukes

    William Castillo Diaz would u rock these/

  • J Booma Man

    same colors

  • Steven Arias

    Courtney Fernandez

  • Steven Arias

    Told ya!

  • Jonathan Kulesa

    I just don’t get this type of customization… If ya like Aqua 8’s, then rock the Aquas… At least paint over a newer wack colorway… not some Black Cement’s… uuuuuugh…

  • Matt Smith

    Jonah Jo-Jo Richmond

  • Joey IiRan

    AJ Madrid Ron Pestaño Deguzman Aldrian Dungca

  • Dominic Hand

    Alex Muniz

  • Kush King

    Ugly mtfs only fit the 8s Trey Ford

  • Trey Ford

    Kush King I’ll throw up if I seen someone with these on ugga ugga lol

  • Santiago Joseph Rodriguez

    Midsole needs to be black IMO but that tongue is tough

  • Vestre Arugay Barcebal

    Taka Domingo

  • Khan Abdul-aziz

    Not sweet

  • Bogosi BGaffd Motau


  • Cassandra Cde Baca

    Evan Montoya are these the ugly shoes you want?

  • Evan Montoya

    Lol no I want the Toro red 4s and the aqua 8s! Cassandra Cde Baca

  • Brad Torf

    Derrick you made it

  • Derrick Winje

    Brad Torf Yeah over on sole collector also. So much negativity in these comments though.

  • Brad Torf

    People have nothing better to do. Funny tho cuz you’ll get 10-15k likes and a few dozen haters. It’s always 99% positive

  • Derrick Winje

    @jonathan kulsea they were pure $ 3s to begin not bc3s