Air Jordan XXIII (23) Quickstrike Restock

Air Jordan XXIII (23) Quickstrike Restock


Air Jordan XX3 (23) Quickstrike Restock

Tinker Hatfield’s Air Jordan XXIII (23) captured the hearts of ‘heads ’round the world with its luxurious design and ergonomic detailing. The Quickstrike Collection, comprised of the Chicago Bulls Black/Varsity Red-White, UNC Black/University Blue-White, and Black/Varsity Blue-White were recently restocked at the Jordan Flight Club for a limited time only.

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Quickstrike Restock

Via Flight Club.

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  1. Wooooowwww!!! Sales of the Jordan 2009's are so bad that they had to resale last year's model. That's really saying something. Sneakerfiles, don't try to sugarcoat it and make it seem like because Mr. Hatfield designed it that it,"captured the hearts of ‘heads ’round the world with its luxurious design and ergonomic detailing." It was a great design don't get me wrong, but as far as I can remember I've never seen JB resale last year's model in the same year as a new Jordan release. I guess that's what you get when you release a mediocre design and try to sell it for over $200. JB yall really got your work cut out for you next year. Hell, maybe they can get Mr. Hatfield back for the 2010 release. The sad thing is that I'm not a big Jordan fan, but I do have my fare share of his shoes.

  2. I wore the the UNC blues in North Carolina last week 4th of july. Now I just need a good occasion to wear the other two.

  3. Stuntastic nailed it. The Jordan 2009 is embarrassing and probably lost the company more than a few $$. Now they are re-releasing last year's model to make up some sales.

  4. So I have a few pairs of the XX3's and I will be honest. They look freakin' sick, but are uncomfortable. They do look great, but I can't wear them for more than a few hours as my feet start to hurt. But they will grab attention and is pleasing to the eye.

  5. to join flightclub you just need 2 go to and register its free too, I copped the wizzards which are mad fresh especially when the bottom changes color to green like chamillion paint are like the bubble in the 13’s