Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut


Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut

We wanted to wait for the perfect timing to unveil the Air Jordan XX3 Low, but we can not wait any longer, so here we present to you exactly that, the Air Jordan XX3 Lows.

The Air Jordan 23 pictured features a Black Metallic Gold color scheme, 23 on the tongue, and Finger print sole. Not something we would expect, pretty plain. You can expect to see them in stores September 2008, which we got from our Air Jordan Release Dates page.

Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut
Air Jordan XX3 (23) Low Black/Metallic Gold Debut

  • WeezyBuoy

    these J's rite here iz whack…wudnt cop em…the black n red i liek tho

  • integradr1

    Plain & Ugly!!

  • Dennis

    even though they're plain.. they're not bad at all. they kind of look like a mixture of 14 and 16

  • Jordan Fan

    You have got to be kidding me. They are not seriously trying put these out there for us to buy are they? My grandma wears shoes that look like this!

  • 754boy

    WOW, JB lost. I give up now….too much ugly and uninspired shit getting released. This is pure, PURE, unadulturated TRASH!!

  • 23blessed-killenum

    what you expect they low top u lose alot when u cut the shoe in half, ima live and breathe jordan brand!!

  • damn

    anyone else think these look a good deal like the 22 lows?

  • nateordie

    we might as well just boycott this ugly shit, and maybe then something will click with the whole Jordan staff.

    shit there coming out with is ugly.

  • Nick

    I actually like these and think they are wearable in like normal settings, unlike the high tops, and, well, the last 8 pairs of jordans that came out. Basketball shoes used to be hot, now they are all hot trash

  • lupintha3rd

    These remind me of tha 22 and tha 14. This is a nice lil kick it shoe, but I'm not a big supporter of low cut Jordans anyway. Nice look, but an easy pass for me.

  • EP fresh

    they ok but they remind me of da 22 lows ima pass on these n wait fo da black/red 23 instead of the lows

  • eaglesfan

    you all who dont like these because of the plainness…… you fail

  • Mikey Mikal

    The Jordan Shoe Game Will Never Be Like It Used To…I remember not seeing the new shoe until a few months before release…you know…to keep the pot cooking…but this is a disgrace…

    1. Bringing out OG's as retros.

    2. Making Countdown Packages.

    3. People/Jordan brand showing shoes 9 months a year ahead of release date.

    What ever happened to "Having OG's and being one of the few with them"? F*#k Retros! Especially if they come out EXACTLY as the OG pair.

    Once the old staff got replaced by this new staff of JB and others, they have become a money hungry machine…just releasing ALL type of trash just for the hell of it. Why would you release the Space Jam again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? How can you even have the nerve to produce Re-Retros!!!????????????


    That's why I don't even buy Jordans PERIOD anymore!

    And I sold my Jordan OG XII White/Red months ago…I knew JB would ruin my SPECIAL MOMENT in life by having a Deadstock pair…EVERYONE will have a DS pair as well thanks to him!

    I know Michael doesn't deny JB or the staff from doing wtf they want! He needs to hire humans who FEEL the legacy in their souls. JB can give a rats azz as long as he makes 6-7 figures a year!

  • Yo Momma is ugly &am

    Man these are clean the best looking 23 in my opinion . I will be looking for these to release next year finally something original and not bootleg looking like the Fusions.

  • Joe

    whyd u say 6-7 when urrbody and they momma kno its at least 8. if hes not rollin on 10 mill a year idk wat to say

  • MonkeysFirst

    not intended to cause offense – are those photos purposely taken poorly. To obscure it?

    They look like the 22 los. its hard to tell how the shoe is without proper color blocking

  • Alejandro

    ugh there a easy pass they look like crappy team jordans

  • Dj Bluyankee

    these are me right here, theyre kinda dissapoiting for the last Jordan but they still tight a little casual for a basketball shoe though. Now I'm def coppin

  • JimiToos

    they look like "cool" dressingshoe:P it doesnt look like a BBshoe or Jordan shoe at all… and it does kinda look like a cheap copy of the original 23's. this was just a shame….

  • damn

    Everyone I meet keeps saying these are the last Jordans and there will be no more retro's after 2008. Along with many of you, I just can't buy that. Are they going to attach $135-$200 price tags to team jordans, and start coming up with new names and concepts? I doubt it, collectors want the numbered Jordans and retros, without them JB will lose tons of customers. No matter what XXIV is a guarenteed big money maker and so are all the re-re-retros. like its been said, they about the $$$ signs. They would love it if everyone in the world had on some cement 3's, spacejams and bred 5's.

  • riley free-man

    they look like the 14's a lot…nothing special..

  • limitedfutwear

    they look just like the 22 lows if they r $50.00 and put out some better color ways I'll copp.

    ps. what r the chances of that?

  • TorontoComeUp

    These shoes look fake, before i saw the headline i assumed these are fake and there doing a comparison

  • air jordan fan

    dont like them look like 14s

  • G87

    ewwwwww , give these back to the handicap lol

  • Chadd

    This is an upset to the jordan name. It's like their running out of design cues and designs. Just an upsetting way to end the shoe legacy. It was a good run, they better have good retro releases though


  • TorontoComeUp

    a jordan representative stated this, NOT that there gonna stop making retros, BUT there gonna bring them out RARELY so that jordans start becoming harder to get and that ppl with jordans can have somthin that other ppl cant buy the next day, its a good idea if they can pull through with that

  • Pimp

    These shoes look as ugly as Brooklyn Rats!!!


    Easy pass….these are absolutely horrible. First when they make lows it means that are no longer considered as basketball shoes as fas as I'm concerned and that means they should at least be pleasing to the eyes because the will be worn as casual sneaks. These are far from pleasing. There is no contrast the colorway is bland and the suede(or nubuck…whatever) doesnt even look all that great. Thumbs down.

  • Rob528

    too plain,I don't like any of the XX3's.I hope they stop making Jordans because they are all going downhill,except for retros,keep those coming.

  • dumb

    I have to say that is the cleanest best kept carpet floor i have seen plus the pants are smooth too.

  • BTK


  • Chris Mullen's


  • Chris Mullen's


  • Respect4jordans

    umm, no comment

  • moses

    way betttter than the highs

  • moses

    i'm gay and ugly.

  • Whatever

    I love ballin in ugly ass shoes you IDIOTS. I hope they charge $150.00 plus on these cuz I will pay for these ugly shoes cuz they look like good ballin shoes. The uglier the shoe the better I play!

  • jb u fallin off

    dese shits is wacc jordan mite as well cut da 21s 22s & 23s & make da dub zeros da new 20 & da old 20s into da new 21 & make da 22s da spikes && keep tryn on da 23s cuz da last 3 # J's fukkin suqk true talk … sure itll change history but itll make da future brighter not like all dese wacc as team kix,20-23 smh jb smh

  • Golgo 13

    These are terrible. All of the pics of the 23's in all of the colorways so far are wack. In the tradition of the 23's I hope they don't comeout with 23 different colorways

  • LiL Rick

    WTF!……..they look like low top 22's

  • DEezNutz23

    these look pretty good…

  • Anthony

    the mid looks better thats how they kill jordans wit the lows 12 low ass 6 low ass 5 low nasty ass 2 low whack just keep them original iithey only fresh lows are the 11 14 20 21 &22

  • ME aka i'll tak

    they coo. not worth the price tho.

  • joekickass

    Holy crap. The last goo jordan i can remember is th 14.15-18 r…disgustin. 19 is ok 20…ugh, 21 maybe,22…ugh and 23..dont evn bothr me wit dem

  • 23's suck

    might as well cop some and 1's

  • several

    Definitely not feelin these. Looks like some ol 1970's carpet on the sides.

  • kick it

    yea blah blah blah same ld shit team jordan sux a big dick

  • jizzle


  • shaun213

    this low top version is looking kinda gay, but im not really down with the jordan brand.

  • hella tight js


  • Sneakerlover90


  • Marky mark

    these 23 look better then all that other 23 i hope they make some more low like this but different color

  • mike

    Quick everyone get to ebay and get a pair of the

    butt ugliest pairs of footware ( I was going to

    write, yet devised by Nike but there are others )

    for $500, $1000, $2,000??

    What does it cost to look like a total arse.

    Must be a lot of crack addicts with disposable income

    out there.

  • Big Will


  • roger

    nice shit, but they don't look like a good bb shoe

  • jitesh patel blingn

    i like the jordan brand shoes i might buy these xx3 in low or high top id have to agree with one of the blog posts jordan use to keep a limit to one shoe in three different colors a year now with his jordan brand he comes out with ugly old retros and team jordan shoes and jordan runner shoes and casual jordan shoes basically mj whored out his brand just to make money in different price markets and different shoe enthusiasts catering to all different types of shoe wearers not just basketball anyone elses agree?

  • $PIMP P$

    These shoes are not bad… they're misunderstood by other people… wut if people like the 14's? these would just be a newer cleaner version with a bit more comfort (you would know what I mean if you have the original XX3's) Maybe the whole jordan company is going through an ice age. Plus the other colors are awesome which come out in July (these come out in August) They look like a nice casual shoe which could just as equally a basketball shoe. People have their own opinions which boil down to 2 big words LIKE or HATE… Dont judge a book by its cover… We all have our ice ages sometimes.

  • $PIMP P$

    add on ^^^… that isnt how theyre really lookin anyway go on then go to release and August and its the first one… Coming Out AUGUST 30, 2008

  • mraj2345

    Everybody always say's that they're gonna wait til' these hit the sale rack or not cop at all. But the reality is if you are a true Jordan or snekerhead you will buy these no matter what they look,like. I remember when the low xiv's came out in the ginger/white/black and the blue/white/black came out and everybody said how damn ugly they were and now they are one of the most sought after og's. These are gonna have a $125.00 tag on em'. So don't front. All ya'll say that u ain't coppin' are gonna anyways. Plus, when you see these in person ( these are just samples too) you'll change ur mind real quick




  • mr slate

    im not feelin those

    The red and blacks is the best outon the 23 series

  • Nikehead

    Too bad these aren't even the real low 23's….the real ones have patened leather all around the bottom and the stiching all around the shoe is MJ not some random design. Hopefully you didn't spend more than 20 bucks on those, haha!!

  • Cheap jordan

    The shoes is very,very handsame.

  • retro jordan 2


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