Air Jordan XIV (14) ‘Black Toe’ – New Images

Air Jordan XIV (14) ‘Black Toe’ – New Images



Although Jordan Brand has fans raging over the “Ferrari“, this year’s Air Jordan XIV (14) “Black Toe” will make just as much noise – if not more.

With new images at hand, we’re quite impressed by this usage of white leather uppers, nubuck toe boxes, OG metallic silver side panel pipping, classic branding, and more. For those who may have missed out on the 2006 release or for those who want to reup from their OG 1998 models, the 2014 retro will be one that you do not want to miss out on.

Rumored to release before Summer’s end, we’ll be sure to hit you with concrete release date information soon. Stay tuned!

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  • Eddie Redice

    fall of 98 was good for me yall youngbucks can have em

  • Jeremy Billington

    I want these shoes

  • Max Andrade

    Bertha De Andrade *.*

  • Bertha De Andrade

    Muy bonitos!

  • Kyle Derr

    Are theyfake if they have bumps going long ways across

  • Joe Getty

    Had em in 8th grade

  • Brian Wright

    One of the wort is…but I like them

  • Brian Wright

    one of the worst Jordan’s but I like them

  • Jaydon Bruns

    Kyle Derr no they are suppose to have them I’m upset these don’t have them they look dumb without them . and you can tell if they are fake by looking at the barcode and look for the UPC under the barcode if you ain’t got the UPC they are fake .

  • Jonathan Broder

    can wait for this shoe!!! nuff said!!

  • Mohamed Saeed

    Tamer Hamdii

  • Calvin Alexander

    Sweet. M. J. C. A.

  • Luis Arturo Dìaz

    Y los mios broo..

  • Gerardo López Ruíz

    wow ! q hermosos tenis