Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date


Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date

After images first leaked of the Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen PE that is expected to release, everyone wanted to know when is the release date? Today we have found out the Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE, the same shoe he wore to break Reggie Miller’s 3-Point record, will release on July 16th 2011. Their is a catch, House of Hoops Boston and SoleFly in Miami are exclusively receiving the Jordan 13 Ray Allen Player Exclusives. A limited Jordan Brand x Ray Allen T-Shirt will come with your purchase. Retail price has yet to be announced.

Edit: SoleFly has said they are releasing the Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen PE on July 9th 2011.

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen PE Release Date

  • eric p

    i see so many fights happening this July…smh. im gonna join the rumble myself

  • Beastinuaint kno

    Eff tha BS dam does this mean that boston nd miami store will b the only ones releasing these kicks wtf jb i dont play got guap to drop in tha spot nd i cant even cop em dam son this ones burns a new hole n my corazon yuh chek it out… Betos voice

    • Beastinuaint kno

      Tha shirt busted anyways nobody want bald ass RA on it …. HA HA.. Nelson voice

  • RickSlaw

    will u be able to order these on sole fly website?

  • Master chef ivan

    I'm hearing price is $160 and that they might release nationwide but not for sure.

  • JOSE

    naaa theres a house of hoops in BOSTON

  • A.Ryder.

    What spots will have these in NYC ?

    • Nope

      Are u slow? I'll talk slow for u…..BOSTON AND MIAMI ONLY!!!!

      • Wooh

        Only The EAst CkoAst ..

  • LGuNNA69

    Iall deff. snuff 1 of ya for these 😀

    • Bjumpp

      lol u aint snuffin shit over here b

  • RDogg23

    Who gives a S**T about Ray Allen!!! He only won his championship cause he had KG, and The Truth, and Rajon, and Kendrick, and Big Baby, and E. House. You think a spot up shooter gonna lead his team to a championship by himself? He flamed out in Seattle, and Milwaukee. Boston, you can have this P.E. exclusive, the rest of the country doesn't give a damn! Love the 13's though! T.D. 21, The Best Power Forward in NBA history, four Championships, two NBA MVPs, three Finals MVPs. 'Nuff said Suckas!!!

  • kushface818

    TD-21 get outta here with that sh*t!!! its KB24 who is the best
    it looks like im gonna have to hit up flightclub

  • jbsuckincox

    man, SOLEFLY is doing a fucking raffel for the shoes .. WTF this is bullshit, how fucking exclusive does the jb want these to be?? there ray allen the only reason im bitching is bc i live in miami and was planning on getting them, but i dont time to sit there and wait to see if i get picked for a fucking raffel, u think im 5 ? fuck yourself jb

    • KewlLuu

      haha "u think im 5"

  • Hags

    "Their is a catch" really? Can I get a job application, I passed 8th grade.

  • bob

    how can i get a pair of these????? i live in pittsburgh. any help?

    • Wooh

      There Only ReleAsing & BOSTON & MIAMI ..