Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen Available at Finishline Online

Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen Available at Finishline Online


Air Jordan XIII (13) Ray Allen Available at Finishline Online

So it looks like the limited Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen will release at the Finishline’s online store. In a recent tweet, 23Jumpman23 asked “getting Ray Allen 13’s online??”, some might think this would be a crazy question but after the response from Finishline, it was probably one of the smartest. They (Finishline) responded “They will be available online only”. Finishline also acknowledged they will only have limited supplies. Although a release date was not stated, from this point forward be ready. Looks like the online camp-out will start now, but at least you will be indoors.

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  1. Feel bad for ppl who flew to Mia and others that paid rape online to get these. Actually no I dont hahaha fuck wack resellers and their hypebeast customers

  2. If this is true than imma b savin up for tha. 13 instead of other drops oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Ooooooo yyyeeeeaaaaaaa ( kool- aid man voice).

  3. Im done with being disappointed every time a good release comes out. I got 40 pairs or more of Jordans and won’t ever buy another pair. In done with the bull$hit. I seen fakes that seem to be better quality than the real thing. Now I would rather buy fakes made by a machine than real shoes from Nike made by a 8 year old in China who gets paid in grains of rice. Nike screwed up. Stop with the limited edition releases, maybe just make the limited editions more expensive and if people want to pay that price let them have it for that price even if that makes the more popular limited editions a lot less limited. Sick of people reselling the limited editions for a ton of money where if Nike just sold more of them their loyal fan base wouldn’t be exposed to getting raped because of Nikes stupidity.