Air Jordan XIII (13) ‘Barons’ – Release Date

Air Jordan XIII (13) ‘Barons’ – Release Date



Let the Air Jordan XIII (13) “Barons” mayhem begin as a potential release date for the honorary kicks has been discovered.

Dubbed “Barons” to commemorate Michael Jordan’s time as a Birmingham Baron, these kicks also adopt the nickname “Hologram” for their iridescent details. Adding in a white and grey tumbled leather upper, this Air Jordan XIII (13) features contrasting hints of teal at the tongue and outsole. A perfect match to a Barons throwback jersey, what do you make of this upcoming release thus far?

With many unanswered questions still in the air, rumors have the Air Jordan XIII (13) “Barons” dropping on October 25, 2014 at a retail price of $170. Until confirmed by Jordan Brand or Nike, do keep in mind any changes that may arise. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you covered on any new developments – Stay tuned!

Colorway: White/Black-Grey-Teal
Release Date: 10/25/2014
Retail: $170
Product Code: 414571-115

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  • Eddie Redice

    these look like some 50 dollar shoeman specials

  • Dontez Ross

    Yona Shepherd

  • Yona Shepherd

    They look cute in a funny kinda way Dontez Ross. Would u wear them

  • Dontez Ross

    Yup Yona Shepherd

  • Yona Shepherd

    U don’t discriminate on any j’s! Dontez Ross

  • Dontez Ross

    Yeah I do

  • Hedrich Fleming

    Maurice Thomas

  • Joseph Palomera


  • Ian Hardesty

    These are stupid

  • Donta Tremble

    Roland Chandler look at these 13s!!

  • Stephen Matthews


  • Joe Buttafuoco Nolan

    Gave them to me

  • Michael DeShawn Jones

    All I been hearing is how ugly they are…slap limited on em’ watch perception change on these joints…

  • Brandon Fish

    Daniel Peters Jr.

  • Gary Fields

    Monica Fields

  • Hernan Ramirez

    Only if they changed the glossy part for some suade the would be on point

  • Robert Martinez

    I need me a pair!!

  • Bryan Collantes

    All the negativity yet you’ll see em camp for these lol!

  • Courtney Williams


  • Nancy Parrish

    Grandpa will have these maybe you can match

  • 박진성

    정원준 형 저거너무이쁜대 얼마정도해요 50?60?

  • WJ Jung

    얼마에발매될지모르겟는데 20안팎? 프리미엄도그렇게많이안붙어 지금은 없어서 못사고

  • Gregory Champion

    Mīzühø Œsë

  • Hamoude Aboudib


  • Ellie Perez

    No! Uknowhimas Lilbg

  • Gerald Glenn

    Do anybody know the release date

  • Uknowhimas Lilbg

    You’re crazy

  • Terry Hesticles

    Should of left it alone with the 9s

  • Cristina Marie

    Baby : ) Devon Ridley

  • Dudz Garcia

    Angelo Gautani

  • Solesita Tellez

    quiero unosss!!!!

  • Rob PoloKidd Shurney

    Anasa M. Tekolu

  • Noel Seaun Bajada

    I can’t wait there bring back the white and red ones to next year!

  • Nik Wafi

    Umarz Stabilz xminat?

  • Umarz Stabilz

    Ko sponsor la Nik Wafi

  • Nik Wafi

    baik aku beli untuk aku je..cis,baik ko beli,alang2 kite dah la sama saiz

  • Tyler Eatman

    Jonathan Mortimer Craig Gower

  • MantasJuskus

    LOL, chinese people are already selling them:D

  • Timmy Teresa Sanchez

    I gots to get me these

  • Nathan Farias

    Def cop these are fresh

  • Jean Kabeyene

    i Need these too!!!

  • Michael Zesaguli Jr

    Ryan Haskins

  • Pape Gueye

    Bi moy bet

  • Cole Joseph

    Ugly asfuck

  • Joseph Lydan Llamo Llena

    Raffy Intoy

  • Zusanne Dane Ramos

    Reymar Reveche

  • David TattoosbyGhost Ponce

    Babe October. 25 they dropping for 170 so you already know Jennifer Valle

  • Bernard Brisbane

    gotta have em

  • Christopher Nieves

    Must cop

  • Bford Hughs

    HGG best 13’s

  • Dayton Delion

    Ucla colors

  • Alessandro Tabacchi

    Eeehhh son problemi

  • Charlie Aguirre

    Natisha Archuleta

  • Brandon Creeden

    Joshua Creeden

  • Michael Cnice Elder

    Im getting those asap

  • Brighton Kondor

    this doesn’t even make sense he didn’t play baseball when the 13s were out

  • Clint Gaddes

    Marty Levitsky

  • Natisha Archuleta

    Um yes please Charlie Aguirre

  • Randall Cline

    Casey Michael Carpenter

  • Berenice Calvillo

    Now this is a sexy shoe! ! Adolfo Quintero

  • Robert Kirby

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  • Evl Zwickl

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  • David Bishop

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  • Jessie Louthan

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  • Josh Rucker

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  • Travis Whitton

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  • Eric Hernandez

    Sasha Hernandez gettin U these

  • Vincent Sierra

    Enrique Perez

  • Cee Jay Barber

    Khan Gotti

  • King Sosa

    When do they drop

  • Vanessa Calderon

    Edwin Ortega what chu think of these

  • Edwin Ortega

    Vanessa Calderon ..they ight …. what u think ?

  • Vanessa Calderon

    I like em Edwin Ortega

  • Larry Pappy White

    TaRoy Stewart these are going to be sick

  • Crystal Monique Leanos

    Henry Mckenzie babeee!

  • Josh Borges

    Pablo Cortes we have to watch for these!!

  • Victor Jose Rodriguez De-Leon

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  • Xime Sandy

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  • Brandon Padron


  • Kevin Kev

    The aqua blue made the shoe unappealing two thumbs down

  • Vernon Farley

    Tony Callahan Tommy Aldridge

  • Heather Luvz Randy

    Randy Segura They have a release date baby!! I want them!!!!

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  • Andre Windmon


  • Dave Dickerson

    I agree with Nicholas. 45 in the hologram. Big slip there.
    Besides…his baseball career was a monumental flop… Why are you guys (ok…brand Jordan) celebrating it. Oh yeah…the naive “collectors”.

  • Mark Markjunelle


  • Rogelio Obelidon

    Ganda bayaw.,.