Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ Detailed Images

Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Grey’ Detailed Images


Air Jordan XI 'Cool Grey' Detailed ImagesBy now we have all seen many images of the Jordan XI Retro ‘Cool Grey’. Today however, we bring you detailed images and side by sides with the previous Jordan XI releases since 2008.

The Cool Grey’s pictured are from my personal collection, as are the other XIs, and I have to say the Cool Grey’s are on par as far as quality is concerned. They are worth every penny attached to the $175 price tag, especially compared to last year’s Space Jams and ‘08s CDP. The fit and comfort level are that of its OG/’01 counterpart, something I was very surprised with.

With all of that out of the way, hit the jump for some great new images.

  • mr.vega 1017

    Ohhh its holiday season nigga

  • Mike

    Looks like im gonna be broke this Christmas.

  • monk41

    probably not buying nothing the holiday seasons but Js and nikes DAMN!!! lol

  • TaaDow

    I'll be living at the Salvation Army with my J's.

    No rent money after all these release!

  • jayzo50


  • airjordanfan4567

    i am going to pass on the cool greys rather have concords

  • jc

    the only thing that kills me with the cool greys is the slightly blue sole. To me it throws it all of, why it can't just be a regular clear sole, ill still cop them, but god damn.

  • since84'

    Im gonna cop simply for the fact that this is the only pair that I never had. Really think they should have kept this shoe original with the sole and all like back in 01', but thats just my opinion. And I will have to agree with part of what airjordanfan4567… rather have them CONCORDS!!!

  • Mak

    Man that is a great collection I missed the last to 11's but im definitely gettin the cool greys

  • 24solutions

    Fuck the blue bottom. Even tho I'm bout to get them so I can have all 4 .

    Check out my clothing line

  • L-Jizzle

    I'm coppin these, missed all the 11 releases, all diff stories (don't ask) lol but these are niiice! I kinda look the blue hue to the sole…eventually they'll go clear than sort of yellow like the space jam soles but I wish they would of made these a package alongside the concord's…I NEED THOSE!